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We have had a service tech out 3 times. Problem is worse than ever. Internet is out for hours at a time, and only on briefly when it is working. First tech replaced the modem. Second tech said service checked out fine and couldn't detect any issues. (Unfortunately it was actually working when he arrived). The only thing he checked was the box out back and our computer. After this we attempted a service (chat). Rep said she was unable to see any activity at all so could only send out a tech. When he arrived he would not listen to what was happening. He only replaced a coaxial end and said we needed a new splitter. We have replaced the splitter. We have taken the splitter off completely and wired the modem directly to the wall. Any way the problem is worse than ever. 1 1/2 days was the last stretch before we had about 20 minutes of service. What do we do?

Jan 15, 2017

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