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Hi Cox,
I was a loyal customer to Cox for so many years and switched to AT&T customer temporarily till last Aug.
This Aug, I came back to Cox because I learned that Cox has a better service and am happy with the service since.
However, I was shocked upon receiving my first bill because I was charge $5 .10 per minute for an international call to South Korea.
I remember I used to be charged 8 cents per minute to call to South Korea and I mentioned that I call South Korea a lot when I became a Cox customer again through local Cox broker. I remember he mentioned about "calling plan" or something..that I will get an plan.. I thought I was going to have a 8 cents per minute plan just like previous service. Except that I don't remember I was introduced to any detailed plan choices or Cox people.
Anyway, my first bill shocked me ($431.67) and I called the customer service and was told that it will be re-rated and was told to pay the entire amount. I paid entire amount and waited for it to re-rated. The next month, nothing happened and I called the customer service again and he said that it takes 2 billing cycle and that I should wait. I waited.
I received 3 rd bill since the first shocking bill, found out that nothing happened and I called again. I was told that the request was denied since I didn't say that I want the international plan. I stated that I was not introduced to any choice at all except I mentioned "I call South Korea a lot" when I became Cox customer again. That was all. I think the responsibility to introduce customer to all the calling plans (domestic, international) lies to Cox, too, even to Cox local broker.
I have been a loyal customer in the past and currently, too by paying the bill on time and enjoying the service.
I am sure you can quickly resolve this problem for me by giving me an credit for re-rating the cost for the calling to South Korea from Aug 26 to Sep.19. (total$ 260.10 for 51 minutes)
Please solve this problem for me so that I can relax and enjoy your service.
Thank you in advance.
Hyangmi Kang
Account number 001 3110 [protected]

Dec 05, 2016

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