Cox Communications, Inc. / billing errors and harassment

Las Vegas, NV, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 702-383-4000

I had problems with my internet service starting in January of 2014. I had a tech come out and he did nothing to solve the problem, I called several times and was told my modem was not picking up the signal, or that my router wasn't any good. After months of trying to get my problem solved, I finally decided to cancel my internet service on October 13 because I was by then not getting any service at all. I called customer service to cancel my auto payments, and went on line to cancel them as I was told. My credit card was still charged for the month on October 13 to November 13, even though I had stopped the auto pay and had called to try to correct the situation. I cancelled on October 13, asking that the charges to my credit card be cancelled since I was not going to get service in October and November. Cox always charges the customer one month in advance for services. They did not respond, so I went to my bank, Wells Fargo and they disputed the charges for me. They sent the correspondence to Cox, but Cox never responded. The bank deemed this an acceptance of credit reversal, so they ruled in my favor. Now Cox is still trying to charge me and also a $25 service fee for being late. I never received the service for these charges and I want Cox to drop them and credit me. I called Matthew in customer service n 12/18 at 5:30pm after receiving a bill in the mail that day. He said he couldn't help me and that I needed to pay the bill. I am getting harassing phone calls from Cox on 12/23 and 12/26 from [protected] telling me my account is past due and is heading for collections. I am asking for the current $52.99 charges credited to my account immediately with no further contact from Cox Communications.

Dec 27, 2014

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