Cox Communications / damage to my personal property from cox communication contractor

Wichita, KS, United States

My tenant had cox cable installed in September 2016, the cox contractor laid a coax cable on the lawn and said it would be buried shortly. In November 2016 I called and stated that line was still laying on the ground. In March 2017, I called to say line was still on ground and cox stated that ticket showed it was buried. April 2017, my tenant calls to complain and cox sends a tech out to confirm that it indeed it was still laying on the ground. April 19, 2017 a cox contractor was sent out to bury the coax cable. The contractor cut the fence stringer on the fence section, buried the line and left without securing fence panel back. That same day of line being buried we had 35 mile per hour winds and it caused 2 fence posts to snap and cause damage to 2 sections of fence. I had a cox rep and the contractor rep visit me in person at location where they damaged my fence. The contractor, American Cable & Telephone rep assured me that he would have his claims contact me to work things out. I have had no communication from Cox Communications nor American Cable & Telephone since that day.
I have called to inform the local cox communication office that I will no longer allow cox cable into my 100+ properties. In fact, I have made a revision to my lease agreement that states no tenant is allowed Cox Communications on my properties as a service provider.
$525 as an expense for repairs to my fence line will be far less than the revenues that will be lost to cox communications not being able to provide service to my properties.

May 1, 2017

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