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since having cox services installed in my home for many years now. I have never been able to watch the TV in the main living area. since small devices were installed on all my TV I get the worse reception and channel lineup change. since Wi-Fi was installed in my home while renting cox modem I am unable to stream without interruption. after several calls complaints and contacts to cox I was told they gave me a modem that isn't compatible with the high speed I've been paying for a long time. when I have always asked for a supervisor to address all the unaddressed issues for so long I always get disconnected. this is monthly. lately weekly. customer service says if I want the fast internet I've been paying for I need the proper modem that's compatible. and they said they will charge me $3 more a month for a device they should have given me initially, yet in the meantime I cant get the fast internet I've been paying for without being charged more. I will not sweep this under the rug for the mere principle of this matter. I'm a mom of 6 kids. I do it on my own. you're taking advantage of me. and never make an attempt to correct the matter only further manipulate it to worse care and service. you may not care. but somebody eventually will. and this complaint will be duly noted for corporate.

Jan 13, 2017

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