Cox Communications / cox received my move in date but said nothing was done about it

Phoenix, AZ, United States

I submitted my Cox move online may 4th so ahead of time. My actual move in date is May 18th. I called may 16th 2017 to set up a time and they have no record of me submitting anything. I was very frustrated I have the proof. Cox even said I gave them short notice and I didn't! I submitted my cox move may 4th. You guys are very unorganized because I not only did it online I called as well before to inform them I'm moving may 18th to have it switched​ and still they have no record of that? I was already frustrated I gave the confirmation number through email then they finally found it and said yea we see it but nothing was done like it wasn't taken core of? Unprofessional and unorganized! Also the apartment number we are moving to I guess Cox blocked that apartment number due to the previous owners running up the bill and not paying it. Well that's not my problem I had to stay another hour on the phone for Cox to fix this I even had to get my apartment office lady on three way to deal with this because Cox needed a name of the previous owner to fix this block. Why I had to suffer another hour dealing with this is rediculous!!

Cox Communications

May 16, 2017

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