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Roanoke, United States Review updated:

I wish i'd learned about this site sooner, so that I could have expressed my displeasure much earlier.

Anyway, shortly after moving to this area, I let cox seduce me into getting their "$25 cable / $25 phone / $25 internet" bundle promotion for my household, which consists of one other family with whom i've taken-up "transitory" residence who had already had cox's most "bare-bones" cable tv service - - so in essence, the other family member would be paying a little bit extra for television service as a way of helping me get connected with lower-rate phone and internet services for which I would be covering the expenses. (*note: in reality, cox was not "technically" offering a $25x3 bundle package; what they did instead was to apply a flat discount across the board of the billing statement so that while the rate could be "tweaked" in such a way as to "equate" to a $75 three-way split overall, in reality I was paying considerably more than $25 for each of my portions of the bill - - but even though that fact should be considered a deceptive advertising ploy in and of itself, that was not the basis of my complaint against them.)

So after more than a full year of having their expanded television service (Which included *none* of the "good channels" like history, a&e, discovery, syfy, and which 25% of the time, and coincidentally during the times when i'm most active during the day, blamed-near all of the channels are running "infomercials"!) cox let us get "settled" into our routine, until one day, straight out of nowhere, they had decided to pull the plug on "msnbc" (Which my family member had discovered somewhat late in the game but had come to enjoy immensely) and decided to offer it only as part of an "upgrade" package!

When we both called their so-called "loyalty department" to complain about this (And getting repeately bounced around to multiple departments - - at one point I even had one of their "representatives" brashly hang-up on me!), they kept giving us some b. S. Runaround about how the company had done an "audit" and had "discovered" that they had "accidentally" included msnbc as part of a "lower tier" package where it supposedly wasn't supposed to be. So they were trying to make any sort of excuse for depriving their "liberal/progressive" viewers a channel dedicated to "left-wing propaganda" unless they paid a premium, but they saw no irony with continuing to pump fox news channel's "right-wing propaganda" down *everybody's* throat unmolested!

Several of the cox talking-necks tried desperately to defuse our outrage by claiming that they were also removing "vh-1" which they had also "accidentally" included in our non-premium tier... Nice try, a-holes! But we *never* had vh-1!

So both my family member and myself told cox's "loyalty" representatives the same thing multiple times: either swallow your "mistake" (*if* indeed that's truly what it was... A big "if"!) and let the people you'd already "hooked-in" with it for over a year continue to receive the programming & enjoy it and just take the miniscule loss, *if* there even is a loss - - and let those who either did not want the channel anyway or who were indifferent to it lose the signal, since they really wouldn't care anyway... *or* if you're going to remove the "liberal/progressive" channel from their "standard" line-up, then do likewise with the "conservative" claptrap programming, just for the sake of fox news' famous tagline: "fair & balanced."

Because there is little in the way of any real competition in this area, my family member and I had to do something more than just fill some representative's ears with our verbal indignation which would go absolutely nowhere, so we responded by dropping their telephone service entirely (Which helped me to make the transition into becoming a 1st time ever cell-phone owner!) and by reverting back to the original "bare bones" cable service we'd upgraded from in the first place... Which still works great for us, since just about anything we would've/could've seen on "cable tv" can still be found online relatively easily anyway! - - (*including* msnbc programming!)

So in closing... I want to say to cox communications: "thanks for all your help, jerks! You just helped us realize how much we really *don't* need you!"

Feb 27, 2014
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