Cox Communicationsaccount access

Ive had a cox account for 10+ years. Today I called to find a way to lower my monthly bill as it increased significantly.
Customer services would not access my account as I didnt know my pin# and they said that the last 4 digits of f my socual security # that I provided was not what they had on file
I have bieber set up a pin with cox in 10 years and I never received a larger from cox stating that i need to establish a pin. And I know my social security number. I never would have given coc the wrong lady 4 digits.
I provided my phone # (and was calling from this phone), and offered to give detailed information on my back account & account # that pays the cox bills. but this wasnt sufficient.
I'm hearing that I have to take my time to go to a cox store to resolve this.
I asked to speak to a supervisor and was told the hold would be a while, up to 30 minutes
This is absurd, poor service.
Ive never dealt with such illogical procedures to access a financial account.
I'm considering closing my account over this
Please resolve this

Jun 03, 2018

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