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LocalNet Internet Services Complaints & Reviews Internet Service / customer care/service

Jun 07, 2018

Here is a fine example of how thinks and operates; (1) I sent an email to localnet to cancel my acct with them...5/29/18 @7:15AM. (2) Localnet received and processed my cancellation request...5/29/18 @8:39AM. Note the cancellation date/time.."your account will close at the...

LocalNet Internet Services / product and dial up service

May 29, 2018

I called local net today and got hold of a operator named Gabe. I tried to explain to him why localnet counseled my access accelerator feature 6 days before it was to expire. Gabe was very blunt rude an unprofessional when talking to me. My service with accelerator was paid up through the...

LocalNet / access to internet

Nov 12, 2017

My name is donald marvel, 13750 north fork rd, polebridge, mt 59928. I have lost access to localnet.Com and cannot get on the internet. Please help me get back on as i have important information coming in and need that information as soon as possible. I have been with localnet.Com since...

LocalNet / misleading to consumers

Mar 26, 2013

I called looking for a new internet provider. Found LocalNet in our phone book and called. Customer service handled my call immediately since it was a "new sale" - I had alot of questions and felt like the sales person was rushing me into the purchase but did answer all of my questions in...

LocalNet / unfair billing

Aug 23, 2012

i signed up for localnet services 3 1/2 years ago. after i hooked up my computer, it crashed, so i didnt buy another pc and didnt worry about my Internet. of course it was dial up, so i had my house phone turned off because i had a cell phone. there was no need to keep the house phone and...

Localnet Corp / bill for the services I never got

Aug 13, 2012

I was checking my bills and noticed that someone called LocalNet Corp send me a bill for the services I never got. I even don’t know who they are and never heard their name before. I called them to say that I know they are scammers, but they told I can’t prove my words and hang up.

LocalNet / I have never used the service and feel that they owe me a refund

Jul 06, 2012

I asked for this so-called account to be canceled because I never subscribed to it anyway but I am still being charged for it. I considered using their service at one time and filled out the information on the internet but I never confirmed it or even entered it. Somehow they got it and...

LocalNet / refund

Feb 08, 2012

I could not get a refund for services, that were never received. I contacted Localnet many times and was told that the review board said I wasn't entitled even though they could not hook me up because all I had was a cell phone and not a land line. They owe me $24.95 and I would like...

LocalNet / rip off without refund

Nov 28, 2011

I signed on with local net and was excited about only paying $9.95 a month and a fifteen dollar startup fee. The service was so slow that I could not get anything up online and when i spoke with lothe fact that their advertisement calnet they said Dell needed to do my installs and the...

LocalNet / worse company ever

Nov 07, 2011

Canceled service 3 years ago, however they insisted that we switch to keep our email address which we were charged for yearly apparently, then 3 years after cancellation we get a letter for demand of payment, , , not a bill or anything, , , a demand of payment for $20 dollars, it was 2.47...

LocalNet / bad service

Sep 01, 2011

I canceled Localnet 2 months ago and got another internet provider.Everything was going good untill they sent me a letter about updating my account.So I went online to talk to somebody and they did not help me.The person I wrote to said he could not cancel my account because I was suppose...

Local Net Corp / scam

Jul 14, 2011

Yesterday I signed up for localnet..the lady never said that it was a dial up company..she also said the I could cancel @ anytime... I found out from the tech that I needed a part to make it work which cost from 20-50 dollars..When I called back to cancel it after being on hold for...

LocalNet / never get localnet

Jul 02, 2011

I was a custumer with localnet but i never will be again.I revived a notification from localnet telling me that my account with them was closing because they no longer had accees to my bank account and that was find with me cause i was out of work at that time. Then i recived a latter two... / fraud

Jun 03, 2011

In Jan/Feb of this year (2011) I contacted LocalNet about the possibility of using them for my ISP. I was having trouble with my long time ISP, PittsburghConnect, and was thinking about making a change. I asked about payinfg for a year at a time and doing a debit on my bank account. They...

LocalNet / cancel service and still being charge total rip off

Jun 01, 2011

I was told that I could get the internet without having a home phone but turns out you have to have a home phone. I tried to cancel my service but they told me I had to do it by email, fax of send a letter by mail. I email to company and the company still was taking money out of my account... / stole $167 for services that were not wanted or ever used

May 17, 2011

first of april i called to check on services for an internet provider and called local net i gave them my credit /debit card number so i could speak with someone about the details and the lady sais i had to give it to her in order to proceed so i did and when i moved on past her i talked...

LocalNet / cancellation


Set up internet only to find out you had to have a home phone. While still on orginal call, sent back to customer service, could not cancel except by mail/fax or from the email they already had set up without a home phone. I cancelled same day by email and they still took out money and...

LocalNet / scam


this company needs to be put out of business, we used the service for a week and then we cancelled, then i noticed my credit card was still being charged, my husband made 3 calls to them over a period of 2 months telling them to cancel service, we did what they asked, sent them letter to... / unfair charges


I cancelled my localnet service back in April of this year. I was not charged for May or June. I received my bank statement for July and August and they had started charging me again. I did everything they asked me to do to cancel my service back in April but now they are saying I never...

LocalNet / charging my canceled account


I canceled from LocalNet in December on their web site / my account. They keep charging me now for 4 months after the fact! I have talked and faxed them 3/4 altogether and STILL they tell me they know nothing of my canceling! PLUS, their numbers don't even add up! They charged one...

LocalNet / never do business w/ this company


OMG I have never been treated so terrible as I was when I called about a demand letter. This all started in August 2008 when my internet service would no longer work...constant busy signal for more then 3 weeks. I called the tech support for local net they informed me that it was my...

LocalNet / fraudulent charges


I signed up with Localnet by phone, paid for first month hook-up service with my bank card and given instructions for accessing 24 hr. tech support to get online. I continuously tried to connect with tech support & only got a message. I found out from my bank that my card had been charged...

LocalNet / abusive business practices


DO NOT ever do business with LocalNet. Their practices are highly deceptive and abusive. I have never dealt with people more insulting. They need to be put out of business. We cancelled a year ago, yet tonight I recieved a phone call claiming that they had been sending me post card... / not compatible


I carlos31015 want to be disconnected right now from internet service because it is not compatible with gaming with a game console / billing credit card

Pe has made charges of $12.95 to my credit card even thou it was cancelled in March of 2008. I cancelled because I had Dish Network installed that month.Please let me know how to contact them if it is possible.

LocalNet / watch your credit card statements

We moved 9 months ago. Called and cancelled our service with LocalNet (ISP) last June. Asking them specifically if we needed to do anything else. Nope...we were set! (They did NOT request a letter at this time) Fast forward to yesterday. We get a bill claiming we owed the for January and...

Localnet Internet Service Provider / this company needs to be put out of business!


I don't know the address of the company, but the name is Localnet. I started doing business with them earlier this year and at first thought that they were great. Then all of a sudden I started getting dropped connections pretty frequently I dealt with it until after a thunderstorm on June 17...