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My Daughter, Lizbeth De Jesus, bought a Car two weeks ago in Courtesy Brandon Toyota, (Used Cars) when she bought the car, at the end of the month, the sale person, Last Name Pal, spoke with her, have her used car a Jetta in tradings, for (2, 000.00), she signed all papers, the Loan officer, told her, that he loan was approved, and she will received the Papers, and stop by to sign. After two weeks they called my daughter, and said "You have to bring the car back, we can not find any bank to finance your car". I think is very inresponsible and deshonest to sale a car to the end of the month, just for the commission, and then called back the client, and the client have to bring the car back, This is very inresposible action, deshonest, and totolly unacpetable. Thats is not the first time that this company do so, On 2007, they did it to me, the sold to me (2) cars, said everything is OK and then two weeks called me with the same situation. I do not if this is a practice from the salesman just to take commission to the end of the month, but to me this is a very malpractice, and very deshonest, and TOYOTa Company need to do an investigation, because from now and ever I do no buy any Toyota Car, and I want to be sure that no one in my family or friend do so, because we can reliable in peple they does not how to do businees. 1st time I said Ok, but second time, that was absolutely on purpose just to ge a commision by the dealer. I hope you can do sometime about this situation. You can reach me at )[protected], . My name is Elizabeth Diaz-Santos.

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  • Lo
      Apr 12, 2011

    Hello Mrs. Diaz-Santos:
    File a complain with your District Attorney's Office in your County. They will do the investigation for you.
    Good luck.

    Lord Adams Aliu-Otokiti
    Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.A.

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