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Country Club Malaysia / holiday vacation, false promises

Kaulalumpur, Malaysia, Malaysia Review updated:
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I would like to log a complaint on Country club malaysia for making fake promises. I am not satisfied with their hospitality/services/customer care.
Seeking for cancellation of member ship for which they are not agreeing.

One day I got a call from country club, saying that I won a holiday trip for 6N7D free stay from country club. They asked me to come and collect free voucher along with family at their KL office.

After reaching there, Mr Anil one of their staff told us to attend session to know more about their company, later they will give us the free voucher.

We sat with him for the session and he requested us to fill one form. In session Mr Anil is telling about their company and their member ship for 10 years with some fee and following are the benefits.

1. I am eligible for 6N7D stay in 5star hotel /Villas in their own/ associated hotels for 10 years. For that I just need to pay 20USD per night as tax when am using their own/associated hotels.
2. As we are 4 members family (2 Adults + 2 Kids), they will provide us a double bed room accommodation.
3. Free break fast at all their own/associated hotels.
4. Car service is there, but I need to pay per km and no need to pay for driver and guide.
5. For any function I can use thier functional hall for free of cost in their club. But as the culb construction is on going, their expected completion date will be approx 5 more months.
6. They will celebrate all Indian festivals and I am allowed with my family.
7. They will conduct 3 to 4 entertainment programs(Movie award functions/Concerts etc) yearly. For all of their programs I can get VIP tickets.
8. Weekend kids activities/celebrations.
9. Gathering of all members and families for special occations.
10. Fitness center access for all family members for 1 yr free, and for subsequent years I need to pay 800 RM per year which is optional.
11. If I dont like their services, I can downgrade/cancel my member ship at any time with nominal fee cuttings.
12. If I like their service I can upgrade it to 25 years by paying the remaining amount with out any fee with out.
13. I can donwgrade/upgrade at any time as per the rates on the date when I went for their session.
Like this many more promises were given...

He called his boss (Ms Amudha) to explain the fee for the member ship. To avail these benefits she asked me to pay 18500 RM for 10 yrs pkg and 30000 RM for 25 yrs pkg. I asked her 1 or 2 days time to think of it, for that she did not agreed and said that this offer only for that day.

I said i can't pay, as I don't have that mcuh amount . Then gave me discount and asked me to pay 16000 RM for 10 Yrs member ship.
Again I said I don't have that much amount, now she gave me installment option and asking me to pay 10000 RM now and remaining 6000 RM with in 3 years. As an initiall payment I need to pay 2000 immediately and 8000 with in a week time. I agreed for that paid 2000 immediately and 8000 in a week time. I got a free voucher for 6N7D trip (limited countries with 1 year validity)

After a week, I got a call from customer care and asking for my payment and member ship details, for the same I replied. And she told me that I need to pay mandatory admin charges yearly 800 RM, for that I said no.
She said she will call back after checking with their management and I have not recived any call after that.

After a 2 or 3 months time I received Agreement and member ship cards. In thet it was memntioned that I am eligible for Studio room only(Initial offer is 2 bedroom) and I required to pay a mandatory fee of 800 RM per year as Admin fee. Immediately I called asked Ms Amudha, for that she told me to ignore both(admin fee + studio room) and she can take care at the time of booking.

After few days Country Club created a wats up group and added few members. All the members were angry and sending messages with very bad words. So CC deleted the group immediately and asked us to ignore the messages.

After some time I came to know that they conducted an event with Balasubramaniam, for that I have not received any call. When I called and asked them, they said that they forgot to call me.

After few months I planned go Bankok with the free voucher and I asked them to book the hotel for the same I paid 20 USD per night. I got booking confirmation after 1 week or 10 days.

I reach the hotel night around 10 to 11 PM, and I got shocked as that is 3 star hotel and they gave me single bedroom (Their promise was its 5 star hotel with double bedroom). Cost of the hotel is not even 50 USD per night. Hotel people said we are not eligible for break fast. Immediately I called the perosn who booked my room and asking the reason. He asked to adjust for that day as it was too late night, and he promised me to call back the other day. That day I slept in a sofa which is not confirtable as I was tired of journey.

Next day morning with out having break fast in that hotel we went for city tour. Once we came back, hotel people said they are shifting my room. I felt happy, but they changed to similar room with extra bed, and they said me and my wife only can have break fast but kids not allowed. Does it means while we are having break fast kids have to sit just like that with out eating any thing?

Again I called the person who booked my room, he said he can do that much only.

Once I back from trip I called Ms Amudha, and asked the reason for giving 3star hotel, single bed room with no break fast. She promised me that it wont repeat again and she will take care during next booking, she offered me one more free trip and says that it is 3 start hotel as it is their associated property and in other places they have 5star hotels and villas.
I requested her to send mail for the same as proof, for that she said its not required.

In Jan 2017 I got a call from CC to attend a Concert. My family went and the Concert was ok.

On July 2017 I got a call from CC customer care and asking me to pay the remaining amount with some discount. As I was not satisfied with their services I said I will come and talk to them directly, that time he said they have some offers with plots in India and asking me to visit their office for more details.

Next week end, I visited their office and asked them that I want to meet
Ms Amudha, for that they said she moved to India so I can not contact her. When I try to talk to Mr Anil, he told me to talk to customer care and introduced me a customer care guy.

I asked that guy about the promises like double bed room, break fast, festival celebrations, club house status and events etc. I got shocked for his reply that,

1) I am eligible for single room only, if I want double room he is asking me to pay 20 USD extra per night.
2) Break fast is available at their won hotels only.
3) Club construction is not started as they have not received enough funds.
4) To get free function hall I need to order food from their hotel, then only I can use free functional hall.
5) Events wil conducted rarely, not 3 to 4 per year.

I told him that I am not satisfied with their services, so I ask them to cancel my member ship. For that his reply is, there is no option to cancel the member ship. He said that his target is to satisfy 20% members only, they wont close their company if I am not satised. I am speetch less with his words. He don't know how to talk with their customers, don't know how they recruited him.

Then I asked him to downgrade my member ship to 5 years, for that he is asking me to pay another 3000 RM, as it is the revised fee. If I did not pay remaining fee, he said that they are going to close my member ship after 3 years. After that he showed some plots which are seems not worth.

So I am requesting your help to cancel my member ship and refund my payment.

Aug 11, 2017
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  • Th
      13th of Oct, 2017

    I'm having same problem, pls do kindly contact me 017-6392652 so we can file case n sue them

    0 Votes
  • Co
      1st of Mar, 2019

    @Thurga Hi, we too face similar issues and we are 5 members faced similar issues and already formed a group and please share your contacts on [protected] and join so that we can fight strongly to get our issues solved.

    0 Votes
  • Co
      1st of Mar, 2019

    Sorry below is gmail id
    Hope you all contact so that we can plan

    0 Votes
  • Co
      13th of Sep, 2018

    Country Club is the most pathetic company! They are bunch of liars and I am not satisfied with their hospitality/services/customer care. We got a call from country club, saying that I won a holiday trip for 6N7D free stay from country club along with a couple tickets from Sunway Lagoon. They asked me to come and collect free voucher along with family at their KL office.

    After reaching there, Mr Rakesh Kumar and one other ladytold us to attend session to know more about their company, later they will give us the free voucher.

    We sat through the stupid presentation and then they gave us the Sunway Voucher, I asked them repeatedly that is the voucher redeemable on all days in the week and they said yes! then we asked them to book they said can only be done on weekdays- excluding Friday. We then gave for a Monday which was a public holiday. we kept messaging them on whats app and they did not reply. Finally I called them and yelled at them for such poor services they lied and said that the offer is valid and that they will give us the ticket on Sunday. On Sunday they emailed us saying that the voucher is not valid for public holidays.

    This is highly unfair!

    -1 Votes
  • Li
      5th of Oct, 2018

    @Country club is a fraud company Same problem

    0 Votes
  • Va
      20th of Sep, 2018

    Same problem for me to, last week I went bangkok and same experience as above. So many promises made and service is pathetic. No change in their attitude. Mr. Praveen is manager when am forced to join with fake promises. Can we create a whatsapp group and take decision on this.

    0 Votes
  • Li
      7th of Oct, 2018

    @Vamshidhar yes please help me..i dont want anyone to join this please can anyone join me to log a complain?

    0 Votes
  • Co
      1st of Mar, 2019

    @Vamshidhar @Countryclub sufferers below is gmail id
    Hope you all contact so that we can plan


    0 Votes
  • Co
      1st of Mar, 2019

    @Countryclub sufferers It’s showing protected but you can get the I’d from above

    0 Votes
  • Ro
      15th of Mar, 2019

    @Countryclub sufferers hi, i faced the same problem with Anil, Abhishek, Rakesh and Reddy too. Bunch of liars. They also promise me for vip show tickets, 5* hotel all over the world. They are all cone man. They took my 10k for this crap membership, when ask to return the money they act very rude.
    We all need to file a police report and teach them a lesson because they lied to us and took out money from us.

    0 Votes
  • Sa
      24th of Mar, 2019

    @ros786 Hi can you give me their contact details because i tried contacting them but they're not picking up. The worst part is even I already paid the RM10K

    0 Votes
  • Ya
      11th of Oct, 2018

    Hi, I am one of the member in country club too. I have also receive calls from them before and before I go to collect, I went through all the reviews on social media.

    Despite, I wanted to know what is all this about and I decided to go there. When I go there, I attended to their 45 min presentation and it was very interesting.

    I've sign up for their package and I'm happy with their service. They have given me the voucher as they promised even though I've signed up.

    -3 Votes
  • Su
      13th of Nov, 2018

    Country Club Malaysia is closed. Now they are asking to contact Dubai office for further booking and other activities

    0 Votes
  • Ra
      18th of Nov, 2018

    @sudhakarmsn Is to confirmed that they have closed Malaysia office. We have paid almost RM10K and did not receive anything plus the land documentation too. I'm hunting for Mr Reddy ( Manager)

    0 Votes
  • Co
      13th of Mar, 2019

    @sudhakarmsn Hi Friends,
    we too have faced similar issues with Country Club Malaysia and now we are 6 in number. We have decided to fight against this corruption and fight the injustice. We have formed a group already and have a plan of taking this to appropriate authorities. Kindly share your contacts on countryclubsufferers2019 @ and join the fight to get our issues resolved.

    0 Votes
  • Ma
      20th of Mar, 2019

    @Raja gopal Saravana Kumar Hi even I'm facing the same problem I did not receive any land documentation and also I can't reach Reddy and Rakesh. I've paid almost 10k and now no any news on then

    +1 Votes
  • Go
      17th of Dec, 2018

    how to contact them? i also a member

    +1 Votes
  • Pa
      25th of Jan, 2019

    0 Votes
  • Go
      28th of Feb, 2019

    can we all together make a police report, the current customer care guys - Rakesh, Nantha are just useless. They cheated me on the agreements.

    +1 Votes

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