Country Club Dubaicountry club - professional cheaters in dubai

Dear all,
If you’re seeing this message means you must be a victim of this company. They are full of lies right from the beginning, all promises were fake. They are professional in cheating business, they know how to bait the hook by playing around the UAE law. Even Dubai Economics Department accepts they are cheating DED simply says "only higher authorities can take action against them". Still if you go to court, you may have to spend 5000+ Dhs to conduct the case which is not possible for a common expat. Some people manage to conduct case in Dubai court, and get favorable judgment (which confirms they are cheaters). They even threaten you to drop the case, this means they are notonly cheaters but also criminals.
Those who've made contract with these cheaters, please read through the below points (actions to follow) to retrieve your money back.
This is applicable only within 10 days of contract signing, after that no way (except court)

1. Do not communicate with country club cheaters at all.
2. Go directly to Dubai Economic Department (Ahlan Dubai) near clock tower round about.
3.Take all your contract papers, receipt documents & submit the complaint by filling the form given by them.
4.Initially DED may resist to accept your complaint, don’t leave them stay strong on your point (tell them I want to meet higher authority, if you don’t take my case).
5.After filing complaint, don’t ever ever listen to country club cheaters. They will try to give you more offers to make you take back the complaint.
6.If you listen to them, that’s it they will fool you again.
Already so many cases are going in Dubai court, even court has ordered them to refund the money to some victims. Now some of the recent victims are going to file a group case against these cheaters, those who are willing can join.
As usual I am not a competitor of country club cheaters, am also an innocent victim trying to retrieve my money back.
All I’ve mentioned is true, so many hundreds of people have lost their money

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