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Italy Review updated:

I followed the instructions to "verify" my profile by providing my credit card. NOWHERE in the process appeared the word "payment", "45 euro", "subscription", "donation", everything was presented as a simple verification procedure to make sure my profile exists.

As I submitted the details of my credit card I received an email from the bank saying "you just paid 45 euros to Couchsurfing". This is ABSOLUTELY NOT FAIR, I am furious with this misleading communication and I will denounce this fact to Consob, the Italian costumer association.

Any payment request should be clearly declared to the costumer, and this sneaky behavior is not acceptable in particular if it comes from such a big and respectable organization as Couchsurfing is. I am very disappointed about that and will do my best to denounce it.

Jul 10, 2017
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  • Ha
      Jul 31, 2017

    This is exactly what happened to me; I put in my card details to verify it, and nowhere beforehand did I see any information about them taking 45 euros out of my account for this process, otherwise I would not have done it. Now it's proving impossible to get any information from the company about whether or not I'll get that payment refunded. It's such an underhand, sneaky and unprofessional thing to do.

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  • Ju
      Aug 12, 2017

    Happened to me as well - I contacted them four times to tell them to stop using my credit card. I paid 14 Euros four times and only got a refund of 14 Euros once. Even after contacting them, they used my credit card again! I guess nobody would mind giving a REAL DONATION because it's a nice service but using the credit card MONTHLY WITHOUT CLEAR PERMIT is totally inacceptable.

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  • De
      Aug 28, 2017

    I had the same issue and was charged $50. Worse, they do not acknowledge that I paid and still show me as not verified months later. And there is no way to contact them that I can see.

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  • An
      Sep 17, 2017

    This happened to me also, I called my bank and stopped the payment, as couchsurfing is not responding to any emails etc, I wonder if there is a governing body this can be reported too?

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