Costco Wholesale Corporation / wireless advocates kiosk and deals

Date : 11/24/2017 Black Friday deal announced for iphones. 250$ cash back card for Costco for iphone 8 purchase . Understandably found a crowd at the kiosk this afternoon.
1. The area seemed in general disorganized as there seemed to be no line for the customers waiting. People just hovered around the reps and interrupted their work and the reps just helped whomever was boisterous enough to elbow in and get in their face first.
2. The manager kept telling me she would help me but them said aloud atleast 5 times that she was clocked out already and could not help . She eventually began to take my info down but as soon as I said I would like to order, she said she had to go and left
3. After insisting that the reps please take people in the order in which they came, I eventually got my turn !! I told the rep I needed to buy two Iphones. She took down the information but was interrupted several times by other employees for help or by customers and finally when she got down to the orders, she was barely able to finish one order after which the computers " went down" or the " systems were down" or so we were told and they told us they could not make any more sales. This was at 6 pm . Although Costco would still be open until 8:30 pm and although the iphone promotional deal should still be on until 8:30, they turned down many customers because of system failure. Many customers like me were halfway through their orders and could not finish the orders because of the system failure
4. The representative told me there were no guarantees the promotion would still be on the next day !!!

In my opinion the kiosk was understaffed and unprepared for Black Friday sales. ( the reps even joked that this happened on Black Friday last year too!!). They were understaffed, overworked and the equipment wasn't updated to efficiently handle the number of sales. A lot of frustrated customers who expect a slightly more efficient service at Costco warehouses left disappointed including myself.
There were deals elsewhere where I could have gone if I had known they were so unprepared and inefficient !

I hereby request that the three hours I spent at the kiosk be taken into consideration with the fact that I was present well in time to benefit from the rebate, they were instock of the iphones, but could not deliver the service because of their computer breakdowns.
I do understand that the phone / wireless kiosk is owned and operated seperately from Costco but given that you approve of it and that customers come to thembecause of the Costco reliability and name, you should please make sure that this is taken care of.
PLease make the offer availabale again tomorrow or please consider the above and let me know as to when this offer would be available again as my order at the kiosk is still incomplete.

Nov 24, 2017

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