Costco Wholesale Corporationupcoming new spokane store

We have shopped at the Costco Division street store since it opened in 1992. Over the years I have spent alot in the photo dept. & was recently told that when the new store will open in July there will NOT be a photo dept. - I cant imagine why you would be taking this service away from us. The dept is always busy & it is so convenient to get one or many photo prints in just minutes. And the employees are so helpful. I'm sure you will say that it all can be done online, but I know from alot of people that the online printing is confusing & No one wants to use it. Please tell me this isnt so & that you are including a "Photo Dept" in the new store. There is no where else to go & I need to print photos on a weekly basis. Thank you for listening ...Vicky P

May 29, 2018

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