Costco Wholesale Corporationrudest worker at costco (everett, ma)

C Nov 27, 2017

I've been coming here for years and all was well but on 11/26/17 around 11am, I encountered the rudest customer service worker I've ever met in my entire life. He was supervising the self-check out line at that time. I was scanning my items and placed the first item on the tray as instructed by the machine. When I placed the second item (bag of rice) on, the voice came on again to say something, but I couldn't hear before this man abruptly charges over in the rudest tone telling me not to put the rice on the tray. Listen, I do not work at Costco. It will take me time to process what the machine is saying. This piece of work had the nerve to say to my face (exact words) "well if you would f[censor] listen you would hear it!" How can I listen over your screaming?! What an unbelievably rude and cocky person!! And he chooses to work in customer service?? This is absolutely unacceptable. Who does he think he is, speaking to someone like that, especially a paying customer!!! He continued to talk under his breath after I cussed him out in return (probably too much of a wuss to say something back to me huh?!?!). If I see this man again at Costco, I am getting his name and reporting him officially. If anyone goes to Everett's location, AVOID THIS MAN!!! He is a miserable white man in his 30s (probably late 30s, but I might even think early 30s b/c he's probably just aging like moldy cheese), short hair (like no style - basically a buzzcut if you let it overgrow), with glasses. I am not afraid of you. You should be the one crapping your pants because I will not let this go. I will come again and again and report you every single time until you get FIRED. I WILL COME FOR YOUR LIFE!!

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