Costco Wholesale Corporation / management

I was at my local Costco (400 Costco Dr #150, Tukwila, WA 98188) getting gas which I do almost every day being an UBER driver. I am a Executive member. I went in to pick up a chicken. I saw they were burnt to various degrees. I wanted another to pick up that was not burnt. I was told the burnt ones had to be sold before they would put more out. I went to get a manager. This took a VERY long time when I ran into someone to help me find a manager. Apparently in the meantime the employees knew I was getting a manager and took the worst of the burnt ones off of display. Still burnt ones there when I got back with a manager. People behind counter smirking when I got back with manager. Even though you could still see chicken with black on it manager kept on saying that is the way they have to look to be sold.

Manager did not offer to get me another chicken that was not burnt. Manager kept on saying chickens were not black although I was looking at them. Manager did not ask of people behind counter if chickens were removed. He just basically blamed the Executive Member for having eyes and seeing black chickens and trying to get me through repetition of saying they were not black to take a burnt chicken. Being a business owner myself I know a manager should try to please the customer even if they do not agree with them. It would have been easy to say that he wants me to be a happy customer and he would make sure to get me a chicken I am happy with. He did not do this. Because of his insistence that they were good I was basically being insulted like I could not see the black chicken skins. Again very bad customer service by a manager. He defended his employee but insults members by his action. He needs customer service training. He is the type of manager who wishes to be his employees buddy at all costs rather than also being a manager. He would rather be a bad customer service person than risk not being his employees buddy and friend.

Jun 06, 2018

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