Costco Wholesale Corporation / customer service at food counter

8629 120th Ave NE Kirkland WA, US

On 3/29/17 I went to the Kirkland Costco location (8629 120th Ave NE, Kirkland, WA) and went to the food counter to order a pizza. David told me it's a 35 minutes wait for one. I asked if I could purchase multiple slices to create a whole pizza since I was on a time crunch. David stated he would have to charge me single slice price. Ok I'll take six slices please. David handed me six plates stacked one on top of the other of hot greasy pizza; the leaning tower of pizza if you will. When I asked if he could put them in a box or possible a bag since the tower looked like it was going to toppled in my car during transportation David stated he could not give me a box. Guys common! You probably make at least ten bales of crushed cardboard a day at this store and the six slices cost more than a single pizza does and still a box is too much to ask for? I told David it was bad customer service, but he didn't appear to care much. The pizza toppings were smushed and the crust soggy at arrival.

Mar 30, 2017

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