Costco Wholesale Corporation / costco at raleigh road, san jose, california is not organized at entrance

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When I returned one item, the entrance door worker put a return sticker on my return item, then instructed me to step out the entrance door and take another door to go inside again and return my item. So I followed her hand where she pointed to, but the other worker at the other door gave me a dirty look, but no words of what did I wrong. I have no clue what to do or what's wrong. I asked her what's going on, and she just didn't tell me. I finally saw the 'merchandise return' sign which was inside. OMG! I finally realize I should go to a very small third door to line up there.

There are several points that Costco treated me badly:

1. Costco workers are not friendly at all. Instead of giving me help, the second door (which is the exit door) lady who shewas sitting in a wheel chair gave me a dirty look, and that's all I got. No words.

2. The 'merchandise return' sign was inside, and there is no sign or anything outside, but Costco workers expect me to know which door I need to line up at to return my item .

3. If I need to get a 'return sticker' at the entry door, and then I need to step out of Costco building again to find my way to return my item. It doesn't make sense to me at all. Why do I need a 'return sticker'?

4. When I suggest the Costco workers to improve their entrance flow. I suggest to put another 'merchandise return' sign on the outside too, the worker told me they only do this for their busy days. Okay, I guess I have to cope with two different routines for their busy days and non-busy days. Instead of giving customers a clear sign, I have to follow their hand to go wherever they pointed to. You're lucky I didn't just drive back home to buy my items from Amazon or Wal-Mart.

Nov 20, 2017
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      Nov 21, 2017

    At most what you can do is provide your feedback about the signs (which you did). If enough people feel inconvenienced by it, eventually it will be changed. If you are within a small group that feel negatively about the lack of signs, then it is likely there will be no change.

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