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Costco / nongshim kimchi noodle

1 11067 CAMELLIA AVEFountain Valley, CA, United States

On 01/05/2015 in fountain valley costco warehouse around noon time. I came with my mom to buy nongshim kimchi noodle and I saw the price that was on the top of the product is $6.78 so I got it right away. Then when I checked out my stuffs and I said to them that the noodle price is only $6.78. So they asked the other guys named joseph (tall with the glasses) to check again. We were waiting pretty long then nobody taking care of us then when I saw joseph pass over me, I called him to asked about the price checked. He said to me the price is $13.99. I was so surprised and asked him to go with me to check one more time. When we came there, I have no idea because they was changed the price tag that wasn't the one I saw before. I told him about that so he got me a really fun answer maybe the kids played around and change the price tag. Wow... Omg... The kids were so smart to change only the aisle and only that product that I picked?? And another explain that he said the price tag said it's the cup noodle but the one I got is bowl. Wow... Did he mean I can't read english? I don't care what do they write anything on the tag but I just saw only the price and it located on the top of the product that's all. He just kept going to said a lot excuse so I asked him to stop talking to me and I want to return that product right away. Moreover, I asked his name and I think he got really scared i'm going to complain on him so he called to his manager (i don't remember his name but he is vietnamese) then finally he wasn't approved that was made by the mistake and kept telling his manager a lot excuse. But the manager just asked him one question that " was the price tag on top of the product?" and he said yes. Finally he could not say anything and said " okay so just give her that price $6.78" it sounds too mean. So I didn't buy that item and required him to take it off for me. I have really bad mood and was so angry not because of the money just because he thought I did it I guess. Joseph was really bad person I have ever seen in my life. Is it because i'm an asian??

Jan 6, 2016

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