Costa Coffee / staffs refused to check cctv after a crime incident at costa coffee-sagrada familiar, barcelona

Barcelona, ES

This is regarding my experience at your store at Barcelona, Spain. The store address is Carrer Provenca 419 | Sagrada Familia, 08025 Barcelona, Spain. I went to Costa Coffee-Sagrada Familia with my husband and my brother on October 18 (between 4:20PM - 5:30PM). We ordered two iced coffees and sat at a table near the front door. I sat on a chair against the wall and there was a CCTV camera on top of where I sat. We stayed there more than an hour. I never left my chair. None of us left the table for a bathroom break. We stayed together for the whole time. Before we left Costa Coffee we found out that my backpack was stolen on my chair (next to me). When we informed the staffs, none were willing to help and refused to check the CCTV camera record to see what happened. We are tourists and asked if they could help us call the police since they said they only allow the police to check the camera records. They refused to call and insisted that the only thing we could do is to go to a police station to report it. We were helpless and frustrated. I did not expect that my backpack could be found, but I was hoping your staffs at the coffee shop could check the CCTV and told us what had exactly happened. If this is the way you treat your customers, you are a very bad company. Could you please tell me what is your purpose of having the cctv cameras at your coffee shop? Are those cctv camera for decoration or used to deceive your customers? Costa Coffee-Sagrada Familia is not safe.

I would not recommend you to my family, friends, and colleagues. That was my first time in your coffee shop. It's also my last time.

Nov 07, 2016

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