Costa Coffeea very rude waiter

Dear sir / madam,
My friend and I went to Cranleigh costa coffe on the 20/01/2017 at about
1-30 pm the cafe was not busy a few people were in enjoying there drinks etc, we ordered 2 cappuccinos and 2 bakewell tarts from the male waiter behind the till we received our coffees which was fine.
After standing waiting for our bakewells for a what seemed a long time for someone just to get them out of the counter and put them on 2 plates, we asked the young man could he pass us out bakewell tarts please his response was I'LL GET THEM IN A MINUTE YOU'LL HAVE TO WAIT he then carried on serving 2 more people that were behind us.
We complaint to the manageress she was very nice and apologised on his hehalf his name was Asif.
If he speaks to other customers like he spoke to us, your customers will go else where.

Jan 25, 2017

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