Continental Finance / Recent Credit Report

4140 Workman mill Road Unit 167, Whittier, CA, US

I applied and received a credit card through Continental Finance earlier this year, and since I was starting school, I decided to pay my student fees with the card. Since the fees were only $48.00, and I remember this because when I initially recieved the card, I was told by a customer service representative that my limit for my first purchase was of $50.00 until I made a $250.00 payment to receive my full limit of the card. One month later, I went on line and made my paymet and paid the $48.00 charge which I had acquired on the card from my recent purchase. Since I had not made any other purchases, I decided to continue making the minimun monthly payment in order to receive my full available credit.

Yesterday when I was attempting to co-sign for my little sister's car payment, it appeared on my credit history that I had failed to make payments on the card and owed them $500.00. I ask myself, how is this possible if the card had a limit of $300.00 which I never reached and was making the monthly minimum payments. As a result of this, I am now waiting to hear from the lender to be approved as a co-signor and the vehicle which we were initially going to make the offer on, might be sold to a different buyer.

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