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1 Saint Louis, United States Review updated:

I just received a call from CPS. I was one & half payments late on my auto loan. The original call was from a driver coming to repo my 2006 KIA. Today I made the half payment until tomorrow where the full payment could be made. The driver called and stated that he would be late in picking up my car and wanted me to verify my address. I told him "no" as payment had been made. He contacted the rep for CPS. I explained to her that I had made the a payment. She told me she would put the pick-up on hold until noon tomorrow. The driver kept interuping our conversation with rude remarks. I told him to stay out of this. He replied, you ###ing smart mouth ###, learn to pay your bills on time. NO ONE should have to put up with this type of abuse. Something needs to be done about this company and their harassment.

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  • Ti
      16th of Nov, 2008
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    As many people that have posted on this page have the same feelings about CPS. Wow, I thought that I was the only one. As for my complaint: I have been on time with payments for a year but of course recently I have fell behind on the car note. December 2008 will be 3mtnhs if I don't get the money soon. The customer service is bad and I would not wish how they talk to me on anyone. I asked them why they talk so bad and I was told that they are not in the business of customer service. I feel that if you call someone that you are suppose to provide the best customer service. I wish I never would have got a car with them. I hate to see my phone ring at work because of course they call me several times a day but thank God I have caller ID and see that it is them. They call so much that I have to turn the volume down at work. Repossession is bad but I have two cars and CPS customer service sucks so they can have their car back. Yes, it will be on the credit report who wants that but who wants to jump at paying a note to someone who is very nasty. They should not be in business.

  • Ma
      19th of Nov, 2008
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    I have received rude calls from them and let them go until they started calling my family and friends. I have been late before but this time I am a month late which is bad and I told them that I would be making a double payment so please stop calling family and friends they decided to get rude with me and others so I did the same. Whenever I have been late before I have always paid over what has been due the little girl that I spoke with in the beginning said, well I am not suppose to tell you this but you have x amount built up in your acct because you pay over then some man gets on the phone and trys to intimidate me when he realizes it doesn't work he hangs up on me I call right back and offer to give him directions to my home to come and get the car he hung up again imagine that

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