Leaders Merchant Services Complaints & Reviews

Leaders Merchant Services / theft from my credit card $350

Jul 12, 2019

I found all these names are the same company: Flagship, Merchants, iaccess, ipayment, and I'm sure they have more. These thieves stole $350 from my checking account without telling/asking me. I have a very small business selling art. I have sold ONE art since I opened and I couldn't get a...

Leaders Merchant Services / credit card services

Aug 08, 2018

I was told over the phone by the sales representative when I signed up that there would no contract for my account. After seeing the high charges for my monthly statements I wanted to cancel and go with someone else. They told me they did not say there was no contract, and charged me...

Leaders Merchant Services / credit card processing

May 02, 2018

Do Not use these people.. The will Rip you off. I have had the service for 3 to 4 months now. Since these months are my slow months, I have processed maybe 2000 worth of sales in credit cards. My fees since then have been . 60.00 85.00, , 120, 00, , 40.00, , , , 85.00, , , for a grand...

Leaders Merchant Services / fees, fees and more fees...

Jun 26, 2017

I was supposed to be paying 2.5% to process credit cards but after all the fees it comes out to at least triple that amount. For example the last month I was with them I processed around $3200 of sales and paid $219 in fees. On my Square terminal that I have now the fees are $87 for the...

Leaders Merchant Services / Credit card scam company

Jan 09, 2017

I have been being charged all types of bogus charges that have never been discussed in a contract or anything and they will not refund any of this. I have no contract with them. They had me do an electronic signature to start doing business with them a while back and i found out they have...

Leaders, The Merchant Services C. / Credit Card Reader

Apr 26, 2016

They sent bad equipment that didn't work with my phone. Then gave me a list of phone equipment that would work with the reader, but after wasting half a day, money in gas and time, and being laughed at by AT&T, WalMart, Best Buy, Staples, etc., NOT ONE of the phones on their outdated list...

Leaders Merchant Services / Credit Card Processing Services

Feb 09, 2016

I signed up to have them process our credit card transactions, took forever to get a reader in the mail. Two days after the reader arrived I noticed a $25.00 debit on my account, it is from Leaders. I call them and they tell me it is because there were no transactions in the prior month. I...

Leaders Merchant Services / Lying about contracts!!!!

Jan 13, 2016

The Sales rep's for Leaders lie to sign you up. They tell you it's "NO CONTRACT" you can go month to month. Then they falsify a contract with a "electronic" signature and never send it to you or tell you about it until you want to CANCEL the account. Then they tell you if you cancel, you...

Leaders Merchant Services / Credit card terminal

Dec 25, 2015

Got sold a terminal with a fee of $ 100.00 for activation and told that monthly fee would be $ 15 plus transaction fee of 3%, after first month the fee was $ 69, then $ 129.00 and more. I canceled by certified letter, my terminal and asked to have my money back because it was not what wa...

Leaders Merchant Services / Credit Card Terminal

Nov 10, 2015

This company started my new business with the "square" and within a few months they changed my contract without my authorization along with increasing my fees. They lied then refused to cancel my account for two months. I tried cancelling my service several times and they refused to call...

Leaders Merchant Services / Failure to honor agreement

Nov 17, 2014

In June I contacted Jeffery Swepp at Leaders to inquire about an account. I am a one man business that process less than $500 per month. An agreement was made and fee schedules were agreed to which specified there would be NO monthly minimum discunt fees charged. I suffered a heart attack...

Leaders Merchant Services / Hidden Fees - Bad Service

Nov 05, 2014

I signed up with Leaders Merchant Services believing that I was signing up with the Square. Confusion from the beginning. Trouble with the software and the last issue resulted in issues with a customer. A couple times I asked to cancel my account. The first time I accepted their word that...

Leaders Merchant Services Company / CANCELLATION FEE

Jun 19, 2013


Leaders Merchant Services / Confused

Jun 17, 2013

I am really a bit lost as to why a lot of people have negative things to say about leaders. I have been with leaders for almost 2 years now and I honestly didn't experience the problems that you have mentioned here. I am not sure though if this is just sporadic or else, this is really...

Leaders Merchant Services / overcharge

Mar 23, 2013

Ryan opened my merchant account to process credit card transactions. I was assured that there was to only be certain nominal charges for the service. Right away and every month there are bogus fees and charges added to my statement. I complain and sometimes they say the charges will be...

Leaders Merchant Services / Fees


Somebody ought to go to jail for what they do. I read that Wells Farge owns them. That might explain why they get away with it.

Leaders Merchant Services / Still Working For Me


I am kinda shocked while I read some previous complaints about LMS here. Although these reviews has been posted quite some time now, I am still really wondering if this might be some previous issue(s) that might have already been fixed by LMS already or this is still ongoing. Anyway...

Leader's Merchant Services / They will Steal from your Bank Account


Chris Lopez assured me the terminal they were sending would work with our wireless router. It did not. I spent 3 hours on the phone with the installation department, TIME WASTED!!! I was assured I would be refunded the $45 when I sent back the terminal. I have yet to receive the refund 4...

Leaders Merchant Services / overcharged and illegal fees


I opened an account after speaking to Ryan at Leaders. He promised to additional fees other than what was stated. He said the account would be open if I even needed. In Dec of 2011 I stated being charged additional fees referred to as dormancy fees. I then called and poke with Chris, a...

Leaders Merchant Services / outragous fees!!!


I as well spoke to Chris Lopez when setting up the acct., i was charged several times, even though the request to cancel was put in the same day that it was started because of fees trying to be charged just minutes after getting off the phone with him after set up. Today i was charged...

Leaders Merchant Services / steeling


After closing my account in February of 2012 i was still getting billed and funds removed(stolen) from my bank account. I had to send a second request to close the account. But when i tried to get my money back for the 3 months they had billed me with not a single transaction gone through...

Leaders Merchant Services Company / Not a Trustworthy Company


STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY!!! 1) For a first time user in search of a merchant company, I was completely taken advantage of by the original sales rep who first signed me up (with her lack of explanation to how the charges work on the credit cards). Basically, the percent they advertise i...

Leaders Merchant Services / Erroneuous Fees


Leaders Merchant Services is horrible. I was roped into signing a contract with this company. Right away I started noticing these crazy fees being billed to my account which did not mirror my contract. These are in addition to the percentage rates taken from each sales charge and the fee...

Leaders Merchant Services / hidden fees and charges


I opened this account 3 years ago. It took forever to get it opened. I opened it with the promise of lower rates and fees. The total opposite has been true. They have so many hidden fees that I had to go over my statement each month and call them to see what the fees were for. Web fee...

Leaders Merchant Services / bate and switch


These people lured me in by telling me you only get charged a small $12.95 a month fee if you dont use the unit then charged me additional $41.46 for other charges. This company is a hack. Contacted my bank and they told me only way to keep them from charging again is to close the account...

Leaders Merchant Services / changing rates charges


Leaders changed my rates on a monthly basis. Lied to me when I called. When I canceld the contract they charged me a $250 fee even though the reason I canceled was due to the contract change. DO NOT DEAL WITH THIS COMPANY. I am taking them to small claims court. They have a reputation for...

Leaders Merchant Services / Scam Company


This company accepted my application, but when I tried to run transactions, they refused to deliver services. However, they did pull hundreds of dollars out of my bank account, expecting me to pay the percentage transaction fee for the hypothetical charge they refused to process. They were...

Leaders Merchant Services / Charge undislosed fee's


I signed up in March, they said no fee's- and now a few months later and I'm being charged all sorts of fee's. I'm going to notify the BBB about this. I hope every single person who has been wronged by this company do the same. Here is the company name: Leaders Merchant...

Leaders Merchant Services / I too have been scammed by this company


I too have been scammed by this company. They called us offering their services, great rates, etc. Once we started doing business with this, which was only for two months, they started adding on fees which were not disclosed in the original contract. We sent them a letter stating that we...

Leaders Merchant Services / Huge Rip Off


I spoke with one of their representatives who told me a specific amounts that I would be charged every month. The first month it was exactly like he said. The second month I started getting charges that I didn't even know about. They take your money before they even give you a...

Leaders Merchant Services / False fees


I am a small contractor. I told the saleslady that I did not need to charge but a few times a year. I agreed to a call in plan at 3% and monthly fees of $5, nothing else. After 3 months, they began drafting additional fees for NOT charging, NOT taking their security course ( though it say...

Leaders Merchant Services / Unauthroized Charges/Fraud


From personal experience would advise staying away from this company. Too much of a headache and yes they "stole" money in excess of $99 to $350 out of my account recently. Back in late August of 2010 I signed with Leaders after the new merchants account CSR, Brody contacted my company...

Leaders Merchant Services / Non-Disclosed Fees


I am a small business and only do business in November and December. After having First Data as my credit card company, I decided to switch my credit card processing to Leaders. I spoke to a Chris Lopez extensivly before signing up. I asked on several occasions what fees there were since...

Leaders Merchant Services / Hidden Fees/Very Poor Customer Service


I just started a new account with them. I found them through a site called Merchant Circle. They had a good promotion going so I was eager to sign up. The agent who helped me, Chris Lopez, told me I wasn't going to be charged things like a batch fee, etc... However, after setting up my...

Leaders Merchant / Fees Horrible Customer Service


I was enticed by Chris Lopez CSR to sign a contract. very pursasive sales man I was really excited to have found a merchant who was so flexible in meeting the needs of my business . I signed the contract on October 20, 2010 I have not used the services and they have charged me atleast...

Leader Merchant Services / unauthoized fees


I signed up for a credit processing deal base on a proposal from a salesman at Leaders Merchant Sevices. Unknown to me, the contract sent to me by the same salesman had no resemblace to the original proposal. Buried in 10 pages of leagal talk were all sorts of hidden fees and charges. I...

Leaders Merchant Services / Unauthorized Charges & Fees


Our very first charges with Leader's Merchant Services declined 2 charges for $9752.00 yet managed to remove this amount for over 14 days from my clients account - this was a debit account. They denied they had the money and said the system voided the transaction but the money wa...

Leaders Merchant Services / Scam Company - Won't Close Account - Insane Fees - Cheating, Backstabbing, Filthy Company


This company has lied, cheated and have been downright filthy the entire time. I was deceived by the sales rep, they didn't deposit all of the money I ran (hundreds of dollars were missing that I personally ran), I was yelled at and laughed at by "customer service", they would send my...

Leaders Merchant Services / Charges Charges Charges


These people charge SO MANY FEES DO NOT GO WITH THEM. They are a credit card processing company. Told me 10 per month ended up being 40. They have no ethics at all. Please do not sign up with them, they cost me all my profit as a small business and just no way to get out of contract for...

Leaders Merchant Services Aka Rockbottom Merchant Accounts / Credit Card Processing Company charging avg 7% per month


In February 2009 I began a 2 yr contract with fees that should have totalled less than 3%. Since then, with each passing month they have added or increased fees (e.g. yearly fee, PCI Compliance fee, security fee, batch header fee, and the worst- Add'l fees). Calling them is truly a...