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Your collection agents sent me an email with the below in the subject line and also emailed my workplace about my pending EMI. Per RBI guidelines this isnnot permitted and unless it stops immediately. I'm going to consult a lawyer to bring action against the bank.

Last Day for CIBIL **Bajaj Finance Bounce Charges Overdue Payment Reminder** Banker Visit to Permanent and Office Address!

bajaj loan

Bajaj Finserv

beware of bajaj group

My LED TV not working properly so I log a compliant and within a week a Technician come to my home and told me the your motherboard will be replace then again after 2 - 3 days, a technician came to my home and replaced My LED TV motherboard and put a faulty and duplicate item and take my original motherboard, after 2-3 hour my TV stop functioning.
From That date I Regularly following them and raising the issue, your(Bajaj) employee doing such malpractice of cheating and frauding, but they did not bother to take any action against them, it's clearly shows their Involvement in such activities, they are all corrupt. Even I personally call to many times to "Mr Bhuvnesh Mehta", "Mr Dheeraj Arora" (They are the Managers of Bajaj as told by customer support team where I get the contact numbers)
My Compliant "OC181101660900010918" still pending from last 3 months, my issue escalated from level 1 to level 5 still pending, even I escalated same issue with Chairman of Bajaj, MD & CFOs they all are in silence mode.
Bajaj is not concerning about to provide the good service to their customers, their concern only garbing the money from Indian peoples and fooling them, based on they hire such fraudsters in their company and egregiously supports their suspicious activities even someone raise an objection and highlight the wrong doing.
They know their value in market, so they not come directly to hunt Indian customer they come from backdoor to hunt Indian peoples likes through "" or other medium.
beware to taking any Loans, Insurance, Auto or other service from Bajaj.

Personal loan

Dear team, I taken a loan from bajaj finance I paid all emi on time ...but this month ..I have a problem. I...

EMI rejected , hit my bank account multiple times

Dear Team,

loan account number 5820CD14423715, , i have been your customer for a long time now . you guys without my permission is charging my account ..

today also u did the same thing .

i have beared nearly 30000 rupees till now just because i did not pay in the month of april and may due to financial crunches .

i want my money back as i have full evidences that your team has charged me illegally ..

u r only authorized on 5th of every month to hit the account and not beyond that .

i would request you to look into this matter asap .

today also u guys hit my account where in you got the money for this month ...

customers provide you their account information wid full trust .. but c here what you guys are doing .

Why don't you guys understand, u were charging again n again emi .. U r only authorized to charge my account on 5 th of every month ...

Not 7, 12, 21, 25 th of every month ...

I want my charge back otherwise I am filing a case against your company ...

I am telling you that give my money back ..

I have spoken to and even visted your Vaishali poffice in delhi, I want my moneyb back, even now you have not stopped hitting my account, i will close my bank account . s

I gave you mutiple warnings i will file a complaint against you, now u will understand

mental harresement

dear all,

im holding an EMI Card from Bajaj fin serve leading, from last 2years, and im regular payer to the bank. recently i got the message saying im eligiable for 36 thousand salary loan on my EMI card. so i have apllied for the same, as i was in need.
but post collection of documents, bajaj excuitve MR Madhu and Mahendra did not responce to my call or message, post 20th day of documents submission, i had been to bajaji fin serve offcie ( which is on mg road bangalore) to check the status on my application. but fin executive said that they have rejected the loan and they have behaved rudeley and they throwed the documents on me. when i asked the reason behind the loan rejection, they said due to addres in valid,

but im staying in same address from last 5 years, my all govt proof are belongs to same address. later i got to know excuitve from bajaji had visted wrong house and verified. due to that my loan rejected and my EMI card blocked.

i have infromed bajaj team saying mistake is happend from Bajaj, so i placed re-verifcation request.

but bajaj team rudely miss behaved and they said they cant activate the card or do the re-verification
but due to excutive mistake why the customer has to suffer. becasue of this im mental upset. still i have loans in bajaj which im paying regulary, im no where defaluter in bajaj.

when i requested to activate card to bajaj red ressal team and we care bajaj team through mail communication, they refuse to activate the card. i was keep on sending top mails to team, on early stage team red ressal use to cal on my no to commuincate the status on complaint. but when i contineued sending mails to get valid resoluation to my complaint, they stiop calling or replying to mails. when ever i contacted on helpline, they also efuse to arrange the call back.
on one fine day i had spoke to customer service manager Rajini on call to activate teh card, she asked me to send Cibil score. so based on score she m, ay try to activate the card. so i have shared my cibil score which i got from cibil (789) than too they are not ready to activate the card. and she refuse to take a call when i called to customer care,

later they are started giving some other reason behind the emi card block. they started saying they blocked the card because of credit policy. when i asked whts the credit policy, they are not ready to tell.

im totally upset, no where mistake is from my side. i would request any body can help me please.

bajaji team whch sits in bangalore are very un professional. we dont have any land line or help line to contact, if we conatct on help line its no use, as no will be always busy. execuitve on call also very rude. and team leaders and managers will support to excuitve rather than understand customer problems.

when ever we visit to bajaj fin serve in banaglore, security will not allow us to get in. sales excutive are very rude, they are using all un professional wards on customer. none of the excutive are following the dress code, they come as they want, i never felt that bajaji is a finance company. like me there are thousnd of customer facing problem, please some one can take a seroius action on bajaj and reslove the customer problem.

before complainting here i have sent more than 24 mails to bajaj and called more than 50 times but none of them are helped me.
i ahve checked in bajaj website to take help, expect one helpline on there is no any other no to call or mail id to contact,
i can say bajaj is palying smartly in customer life.
why cant govt can identify this kind cases????/

my question is
why cant company can tell the reson behind the rejection of loan or card./
whts the relationship between card and loan.
my loan rejected due to address in valid but why did they blcok the card???
they did not check coustmer past payment history before blaocking the card
they did not inform customer before blocking the card
when i asked they said they cant reval the infromation regarding card block
which govt has made the rules to hurt the customer with out any reason
why cant govt can take an action aganist to the bajaj regarding un proper management
bajaj asked me share the cibil score to activate the card, post share they refuse to activate
they said card blocked because of address in valid, post valid address confrimation, they are sying card blocked due to our credit policy.
when i asked credit polciy they refuse to tell
why they dont have values or respect on customer.
bajaj team self given teh card and blocked teh card
what rights they have to play in customer life
post valid address confirmation also they cant activte the card? why cant they check customer status before blocking the card
what the sinor managaement doing at bajaji???

please some one can take this issues and get me the resoluation.

i need a call back on my no so i can exlpain better.

please stop this kind of ahrresment from banks, there are so many customer dnt even to know to whom to contact for there problmes.

in fact from last 3 months im figting with bajaji team to get the resoluation, but they dont even care about me or my values.

i request please help em to reslove my probelm.

Thank you
raghu [protected]

  • Ba
    Bajaj Finserv Lending May 07, 2013

    Dear Customer,

    At the outset, please accept our apologies for the inconvenience caused. We have already initiated the process of resolution of your query. You shall hear from us in the next 48 hours. During this time, should you wish to contact us, please write to us on [email protected] mentioning your Loan Account Number in the subject.

    With regards,

    Bajaj Finserv Lending

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  • Ba
    Bajaj Finserv Lending May 09, 2013

    Dear Customer,

    With reference to our discussion, we wish to inform you that we are unable to unblock your EMI card in line with our credit policy. Further, we wish to inform you that you can purchase any consumer durable from our authorized dealer by availing of the existing offer available at the dealer outlet.

    With regards,

    Bajaj Finserv Lending

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Mismanagement of Employees reflected in my credit history

Dear Sir,

I took a finance option from Bajaj finance on purchase of a bike.
The amount was approximately Rs 30, 000. The Bajaj Finance people took post dated checks for the entire tenure at the time of

Recently I applied a house loan from HDFC bank and the bank people informed that my credit history is dented because of delay in

payments made to Bajaj Finance.

In fact there has been no call from Bajaj Finance side in this regard and they them selves found the checks and encashed without

any action taken from me.
This is a classic case of some employee in Bajaj Finance not arranging their documents in place and
to find excuse for them by destroying somebody credit hostory.

I would like Bajaj finance to send apology for such behavior and make correction in their reports.


  • Ba
    Bajaj Finserv Lending Aug 02, 2012

    Dear Navish,

    At the outset, please accept our apologies for the inconvenience caused.
    To help us expedite the process of resolution, could you please share your loan account number and your mobile number with us?

    With regards,

    Bajaj Finserv Lending

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  • Na
    Navish Aug 06, 2012

    My account number -
    Agreement No. L2WPUN00000781

    Mobile - 9822224614
    You can drop an email with your number at - [email protected]


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  • Ta
    TATA DOCOMO Aug 07, 2012

    Dear Navish,

    Thank you for sharing your Loan Account Number. We have already initiated the process of resolution of your query. You shall hear from us in the next 48 hours. During this time, should you wish to contact us, please write to us on [email protected] mentioning your Loan Account Number in the subject.

    With regards,

    Bajaj Finserv Lending

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  • Na
    Navish Aug 07, 2012


    How are you going to correct my credit history? When are you writing to CIBIL / CRISIL?


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no collection center and wrong dues

their are no collection center of bajaj finance, i have being calling since last 2 years but no budy was intersted to collect the payment after lang back i have recived notice from bajaj finance with lots of interest and penalty, i called the bajaj peoply they talk very roudly and used bad languge i said them that what ever the amount is being left from your side i am ready to pay without the penlty and the intrest because it was not my folt, their is still no collectation center where we can go and submit the payments. please help me out of it.

Irresponsibility and Harassment by Bajaj Auto Finance

I purchased Bajaj Platina on 2nd Oct 2006 using loan from Bajaj Auto Finance Loan No [protected].
I have cleared my entire ECS payments on time. Not a single transaction was bounced.
I have 3 complaints against Bajaj Auto Finance .

1) The loan was for 2 years & hence Bajaj Finance used blank cheques issued (as security) for insurance of vehicle for 2nd year.
They didn’t issued me insurance paper & after 3-4 months (from expiry of 1st years insurance) they encashed that cheque.
But mean time I have taken insurance from some other insurance company.
I have to cancel 2nd insurance & bear the charges ( which was Rs. 580 ) because of them.
2) After completion of 2 years of loan, with clean history, RC book was not returned to me.
I have started follow up after 1 year from completion of loan. The RC book was returned to me after many email exchanges.
3) I was suddenly stopped on highway, by Bajaj Finance person, saying that the loan is not repaid.
He took the bike keys. I told him that everything is clear, but he was not ready to listen. I demanded his I card. I was able to read Bajaj Auto Finance stamp on card & view his photo. Before I read his name, he snatched the I card from me. Since he was authorized person, I explained him that it must be a mistake. He says the bike number is 7198.
He didn’t remember the entire series of number. ( My vehicle number is MH04 CV 7198). Finally he took out his papers & confirmed that the series is different. Later he apologies. But entire episode took place on road, which was humiliating for us. ( No need to mention the delay caused at office due to this ).
Why not their person first confirmed that the person they are harassing is a right person or not ?

I am fade up with Bajaj Auto Finance service & my advice to all is “STAY AWAY FROM BAJAJ AUTO FINANCE”.


refund of security deposite

no refund and no response over phone from the company.we have 6000 rs as security deposite with them.

Unfair business practices

I Purchased Sansui TV through Bajaj Auto Finance Limited on 26th June 2007. Since then i making them regular payment of the installment Amt. Suddenly yesterday on 15 Sep 2008 i received a Notice stating that my some cheques were dishonored & they had send me many intimation regarding this but i fail to reply hence under such circumstance they will have to recover my TV. First of all i never received any intimation regarding this & moreover my all cheques are cleared.

They had given me contact details of one person to settle the disputes, But when i tried to contact him he is not answering the call.

  • Ki

    dear sir,
    we are one of the leading showroom of New Mumbai, we had vast business with you, your office people had provided the facility of WOV service to us by Mr.Sanjay Batra, but all of the sudden on 24.10.08 your staff had problem so she went home, after that nobody has taken interest in providing us the person for the shop.We had also informed Mr. S.Sharma and Mr.Prakash Kanade but in vain they state that we have no manpower, are these words fair for your orginisation, on 26.10.08 we had huge customers, of which many demanded for finance option but due to non coperation from your staff we suffered huge loss
    who will compensate for the loss ? plus we have lost good customers we have got the proof of the negligince of your staff, if the Bajaj Co. cannot provide us the man, please give us the letter so that we can inform the companies not to publish that finance option is available



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  • Ku
    Kuldeep Singh Nov 09, 2008

    I Kuldip Singh resident 0f # 82, Sector-15/A, CHD purchased a Bajaj Platina from Baja Auto, Sec-22, CHD on 25/06/2006. My insurance policy no. is "1645167" & i am paying regular EMI's of my loan. On 05/08/2008 i foreclose my loan A/C with you by paying all the amount at your Sec-26 office. After 2 days i requested for NOC of my loan & your officials told me to collect the same after 15 days, but till date i did not receive the NOC. Whenever i visit your office they tell me that due to some error Rs. 500 is pending on my side in loan A/C & they will make it correct with in 2 days or 5 days. Now i m fed of all this. I would like to tell u, if i will not get the NOC within a week's time then i will go to consumer court & i will also stop paying EMI's of my other loan with you.

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No response on ECS bounce which is effecting my bank statement

I have purchased a Samsung AC worth Rs. 17, 000 from TMC Begumpet on 30 March'08 through Bajaj Finance interest free scheme. I submitted all the necessary documents which were required by Bajaj Finance people and I have also signed the mandate for monthly ECS for my CITIBank Account.

The 1st installment was supposed to be due in May but when the ECS came to my account it got bounced back saying "Mandate is not submitted". I tried calling finance company branch for the same but I did not get any proper response from them. June was the second month when the ECS got bounced back for the same reason. This is affecting in my bank Statement where in every month ECS bounce is reflecting. I have to apply for some other loan but this bounce is effecting my creditability without any fault of mine.

Every time I am calling the finance company some or the other person takes the call and will say we will revert back in 10 mins but they never came back. I even tried escalating this to their senior people through email but still no response and nothing is being done from their side This kind of service is not at all expected from an organization like Bajaj Finance.

I would really appreciate if you can help me in this and resolve this for me so that next month the same thing does not repeat and if i could also get a letter clearly stating the reason for ECS bounce which I can use as a proof for my future loan applications.

  • Sy
    Syed Arifullah Jul 15, 2008

    The Director - Company affairs

    Sir, I have purchased refrigerator from vasanth and co chennai on 13/11/2007. The total cost was Rs15400/-

    I was asked to pay initial payment of Rs.5486/- and balance in EMI 8 months. Rs.1284/- each month. I paid the cash as initial payment and got the bill from the vasanth and co stating that the final balance to be paid is Rs.9914/-.

    But why being this after completion of my instalment, in july 2008, the statement is still showing that Rs.5136/- not received. I paid this before availing this loan that too Rs.5436/- including processing fee they said, only after receiving my intitial payment the loan process was taken, then why this is not showing in your statement of account. Please ensure that their must not be any deduction next month they have also collected 4 cheques extra from my side, kindly return back all the documents pertaining to this to the address mentioned in the invoice.

    Thanks and regards

    Syed Arifullah
    Proposal no : 180318

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  • Su
    Suresh Nov 12, 2008

    Dear Sir,

    Please Send us chennai office phone no, in erode branch i have loan for my bike.
    For this payment they are not receiving the local chque for it.

    For cash payment they have fixed the timing between 1-4.
    In that hours iwill be busy in office work. so please make some other methods like fund transfer directly to your account or accept the local chque.
    Make some arrangements to better way to pay loan for my convinence.

    Thank you

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  • Ka
    Karthikc Jan 23, 2012

    Yeah I do agree.. This bajaj finance guys never responds properly and when you call their customer care and ask any question.. immediately they will disconnect the call..!
    Is this the support we use to get from them.
    I am very much disappointed..


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  • Ni
    Nikita Jain Oct 23, 2018

    I had a loan for Rs.100000 from your reputed firm applied few months back. on 10th may 2017 I submitted the full amount on behalf of my account closure. My registered mobile no. 9999941163. Kindly provide me the NOC for the same.
    Payment reciept attached herewith.


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