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Cps have called my family and every 15 mintues on the hour. They never called me directly and talked to me and they had my number. When I finally talked to them on June 25, 2009 they told me that my payment plan was cancaled and that I was 2 months behind on my car note and that they was going to repo my car. A Mr. Silva (who is a big LIAR and the supervisor)said that they had called me 54 times and and the numbers he gave to me that they had called where my mothers, grandmas and brothers (who lives out of the state) I told him that those was not my numbers and I gave him mine and he said that he see the number and that it was down in my file asked my if I can come up with 470 dollars and that he would expend my June payment and that if I cant to call him and speak to him directly. On June 26, 2009 I had called him to ask for him a rep said he was in a meeting and if she could help me. I told her that I had talked to Mr. Silva yesterday and he told me to call him directly if I can pay half today and half tomorrow because I had to pay my bills and he started calling me a lair and said that I should have the money and the money that they did not take out should still be there. I told him that I had to pay my light bill and he goes is your light bill late I told him no and he then said to me that I am riding in their car making money and paying all my other bills but not paying them that i do not need to pay my light bill since it is not late to pay my car note. I said that yall cancaled my payment plan and now my car is about to be repoed but you want to to get my lights cut off for something yall did and I did not know about. Mr. Silva then tells the rep to hang up the phone run my credit to see where I was and to report the car stolen.


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      Oct 02, 2009

    I had them do the same thing to me. If you find out anything let me in on it. Thank you and good luck.

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      Nov 23, 2009

    I too have had the same exact problem with this company. I have come to the conclusion that this is a govt owned company. Because they break every law that can be broken and they are still in business, it leads me to believe that the govt set up this company to give the poorest of poor and those that struggle the most to pay their debts for whatever reason, a loan to get a car so they can continue to work. A person with a car is much more likely to be responsible then someone who doesn't have a car. If it wasn't a govt owned company there is no way they wouldn't have been sued. I would like to start a civil law suit. I would like to get everyone that has had any kind of bad experience with this company an opportunity to take part in this law suit. If you are interested in moving forward with me, please email me at [protected] In the subject line please post CPS Car issues. If you would forward me an email with what you have gone thru with this company and any contact info you feel comfortable sharing, I promise you I will do my best to expose these people in our court system. This company went into my daughters checking account a second month in a row, and took payment, even though they were told several times that they could only take one months payment. The lady then said to my daughter we will be taking next months payment as well. My daughter said no, they didn't have her permission to go in there any other time but the payment she was calling for. They went ahead and stole the money out of her account the next month without any kind of contact or permission. I too have suffered all the same phone harassment as well as having all my family members being told that they were coming to repo my car. Again, I will be shopping for an attorney and filing a class action law suit. If the govt is behind this, it needs to be exposed, if this is an American company doing business in America, then they need to abide by the laws in America and calling and threatening and stealing money from our accounts is not the way we do business in a law abiding country. Email me if you are interested in joining this civil lawsuit. [protected]

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