Conn'sworst customer service ever!

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There were several mistakes made by Conn's with my purchase of a new fridge. Mistakes happen, but when Conn's makes them, they do not fix them. I have gotten the 'run around' for a month trying to fix their mistakes - no one takes ownership, their payment systems have conflicting information, they are rude, hang up on you and do not come through on their promises. This has been the single most horrible service I have ever received - please do not be completely screwed by Conn's - they are truly a CONN JOB!

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  • Al
      Apr 02, 2009

    you are so correct. i had the same problem with a compaq computer from them. it was defective from the day i brought it home. i sent it back and forth for service. And almost everyother time, they would find something they claim was not under the warranty. this last time the programs wouldn't open and no internet access. explained all this to the store rep, so they could send in for service. that was on august 23th of 2008. they kept the laptop until October of 2008. with no repairs done. then the service tech claimed he called and someone was playing on the phone. i had my main number and an alternative number. no one ever called the main number. then to add insult they used masking tape across the top and wrote on it with a black perm market: "that computer had spillage and if i wanted it repaired i had to pre-pay $689 in the store before returning it. HA. the defective computer never worked from the day i brought it home. I paid $699 for it brand new. i informed the store location manager about this and he suggested i send it back to the service tech and ask the service tech manager to contact me. well, it's been seven months and i have not heard from a store manager or a tech person. i purchased an extended warranty for $300 extra. So, since the managers continued to ignore getting back with me about this problem. I stopped making payments on the account in January of 2009. And on March 3, 2009 the legal department sent me a letter advising me that they would excelarate the loan payments as a default if i did not respond to them within 30days. the letter was dated March 3, 2009 and i did not receive it until after March 15th. I don't know about you all. But, I am not paying for a defective product that the store managers refuse to address and will seek legal actions. i also, did not except the computer after they once again sent it back to the store without repairing it. it is still in the store now. so the way i look at it, conn's can accept their lost for the sale and kept the damage computer and i will accept my lost of the $200 down payment and payments i made on that computer. since they took over seven months with no resolution to this problem, i don't even at this point want any more products form them! their service is crappy and their employee and store managers are a joke. if you are not buying something new, they will not waste their time or attention on assisting you with a bad product you purchased from them. they will just continue to give you the run around.

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