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Commerce Bank / Open Account

1 Kansas City, MO, United States

I agree, Commerce Bank is rude and does not care about the customer's time or their needs. For those of you who live in the Kansas City, MO area near the Plaza, you will know which branch I am speaking about. There are actually two branches, but I will not name the one I went to to protect my own privacy. I went to the bank today in order to switch accounts from yet another bank that was unwilling to assist me. I ended up not doing business with Commerce but another bank. Unfortunately, my previous bank decided to assist me when they learned that I was going to be closing out my account, but only after the fact!! What's wrong with this town! I spoke with a personal banker, or financial services representative as her nameplate stated. After 45 minutes of talk about what services, how to make a switch, we discussed previously issues of mine about being in Cheksystems, over 10 years ago and other bank related issues. I even called their call center to confirm that Commerce would accept me as a customer since I was no longer in Cheksystems. The call center representative stated yes, just to go to one of the main branches and speak with someone there.

If you ever been on the "Plaza" and it is a Monday afternoon, and you are a minority, you may just get a small whiff of prejudice in the air and can just feel the, I mean the love in the air...yeah right. Yes, I was suppose to be at work myself, so sue me. Even from the bank representatives I felt this from. I would like to say, Excuse me, miss, just because I don't have on business suit right now, I own several and look better than you in mine and I also work in customer/financial services, don't act like you are better than me! She took my driver's license and ran my information. I could feel several glances as I sat with my back to the main lobby of the bank. Maybe it was better that way, probably if I look at someone in which they thought it was the wrong way, they may have thought I was planning a strategic way to rob them. Whatever, I'm the type that I rather go homeless before I do anything of the sort, because I have full belief in karma, it is a witch and will come back to get you. At least it didn't take her that long to come back though. "Since you were in our system before and had an account with us, even though you paid us back when you where in Cheksystems, you are in "DNR" status with us." "DNR?" (I'm actually thinking what the expletive is a "DNR"?) I look at her as if she starting speaking some other language other than English. She got the drift of my confused look and stated, "that means we cannot re-open your account."

Ok, people, I am far from stupid. The fact that this Cheksystems issue happened over 10 years ago, they have been paid in full way back when, I was simply trying to escape a bank that would not previously protect me from fraud and theft, a bank that also uses Cheksystems to verify, so obviously and evidently, I am no longer in Cheksystems wanted to come back to Commerce, I gathered the full gist of what she was saying before she did. I shouldn't even have had to. I paraphrased, "So do you mean that regardless of that I paid Commerce back, I can never ever have an account with Commerce again?" She and the assistant she was training somewhat stared at me and finally she said, "I'm sorry." "You know m'aam, I wasted my time. You also wasted my time today as well, I should have been informed of this information first." She actually got defensive and tried to justify her course of action. "We had to run your information first" I said it should have been run first from the start. I had her give me the address of another local bank that was not to far from their location. She gave that very willingly and fast. I left very fast at that, my time is precious, no more wasting it here, 5 minutes of my time should have been all that was given.

But alas, I come home and started doing some research and learned that I actually dodged a bullet but not signing up with Commerce? Are you serious? Even though I am very saddened by the way Commerce has duped and gotten over on other consumers, now I know, I am not crazy. I felt weird from the start that I did not belong there, they were and are not the bank for me. I've always been the one to state everything happens for a reason, well, at least in my world it does. I pray and hope that my new bank does right by me and protects my money and everybody elses the way a bank is suppose to. Run far away from Commerce!!!

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