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Commerce Bank / Lost wages, lost stock options, theft of personal property!

1 United States

I was wrongfully terminated by Commerce Bank on July 28, 2006. I was treated wholly differently by the employer based on my race, disability (bi-polar) and religion (Roman Catholic). I was demoted in rank, withheld without cause from training classes, a berated by the management because I requested a transfer to another branch of the bank and because of my interest in advancement.

I was told that I had to obtain the permission of my manager, Soubhi Tabbara, before I could log on to "career launch", the bank's internet site for positions. I logged on during Easter weekend 2006 with an interest in a training instructor position.

The regional HR office informed Soubhi of my interest even though they were not allowed to inform him until I actually applied. Soubhi berated me in front of the staff. Also, I was barred from ever talking about my religion in writing by HR. Even though numerous other members of the staff talked about their religions or irreligious views. both assistant managers stated that they were atheists and irreligious.

I was passed up for promotion by an illegal immigrant who was less qualified than myself. I was only given a 4% raise while other staff members were given 7-9% raises. I was denied lending authority and the customary stock options that come with the authority even though I handled more loans than most staff members.

Even after termination Commerce could not leave me alone. I had to return home to PA. I applied for numerous banking positions only to be turned down because of my references. I even applied for a seasonal position at a retail store and again turned down because of my references from Commerce Bank.

I filed for unemployment and after two separate hearings I was granted unemployment. Commerce files an appeal three weeks before Christmas. Because of this I had no money for Christmas gifts and my holiday was ruined.

I want to sue Commerce for lost wages, lost stock options, theft of personal property (including handwritten letters from my deceased Grandmother), defamation of character, and pain and suffering. People beware of this bank!


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