comed exelon company / poor service

on [protected] we realized we had an electric problem in our home we purchased a few months before, so we call our home warranty provider and have an electrician sent out on [protected] just to tell us our electric lines to our panel have bad lines coming from com ed, thanks 100.00 well spent, so we give com ed a call get put on hold 45 mins finally get to talk to a rep for com ed and get some one to come out the next day [protected] they show up at 4:30 pm and leave a comment card saying they replaced the line, so when we come home and see the comment card we check the problem, well wat ya know the problem is still there, so after calling com ed back they come back out 2 weeks later to fix the problem, guess wat the problem is still there, unstood of changing their bad wire their technician just scraped the wire connection and cleaned it, guess wat the problem is still there, so i call com ed get put on hold again they finally call back an hr later and tell me their tech came out and changed the wire i explain to the rep i'm not an electrician but i know the differance between a new wire and an old one, now the story changes to oh maybe he needed more parts, do they mean the parts they needed the first time they came and said they changed the wire?we're not rich but we try our best to keep up with our bills, and pay our taxes, we are not asking for a hand out and filing a bogush claim, we just want what comed is suppose to provide to their paying customers(working and up to date electric service...)

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