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Richmond, VA, United States Review updated:
The high speed internet wasn't working one night so I decided to call Comcast. At one point it asked me to type in my 10 digit phone number so I did and It repeated each number I typed in and asked me to verify so I pressed 1 to verify like it said but it says my number is invalid(later on I would use the online chat support with comcast and the person checked and confirmed the number I typed in was the number tied to my account, which I already knew.

The 1800 line was impossible to navigate because no matter what I did it took me back to a previous stage though I eventually got through to a person.
I told them about my problem and they didn't know what to do so they redirected me to technical support. This guy gets on the phone and examines everything from his end and he notices a problem. As he's checking out the problem he's saying everything he's doing over the phone(including directions) so basically I keep asking him if he's talking to me or not, which he wasn't. After being on the phone for about 30 minutes he says he's going to take it up to the next level. He asks if I'm going to be asleep by 11pm EST and I say I'll be up late and he says that they will call me back sometime before 11PM EST. I say okay and thank him even though he couldn't do anything.

I'm up late and it's already 12AM and I don't receive a call back from Comcast and I decide to call them back(had to navigate through the phone services again) and I was able to get ahold of another person except this time they solved the problem in about 5 minutes.

Their service is inconsistent and their customer service is terrible. It's as if you're flipping a coin and heads would mean getting a technician who actually knows what they're doing and tails would mean you get someone who takes a long time to get absolutely nothing done


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  21st of Jan, 2009
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Ther is no technical service I worked for sevral ISP providers and one in Particular here in Ireland where they
have a many layered filter system of blame that is in no way designed to be efficiant they are dragons from the early
internet scam days where you keep the custumer on the line for as long as you possibly can for obvious reasons
and anyone that needs to be told about Generating a call should just give up now, I was at the meeting where someone
mentioned there would be thousands of calls generated from a problem that had arose with Set Top Boxes, and their
faces lit up like Santy clause had just walked into the room they then changed the free call help line to a premium or local
call rate and in my estimates made more money from the calls generated by the problem with the Set Top Boxes than they did from the actual use of the fu__ing things.

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