Comcast / poor installation practices and no customer service

FL, United States

On April 5th 2012 Comcast was scheduled to install service at one of my rental properties. I had just recently renovated a duplex building and removed several hundred feet of cabling and fasteners from the side of the structure. Holes were patched and prepped for painting. Out of concern that Comcast would do their normal terrible “get in, get out” install job, I had my assistant call to inquire about installation at another property we owned. The sales person assured us that they install the cabling as instructed and would even fish the wire inside the walls if necessary. There was no mention on the part of the Comcast representative that there would be extra charges. On the day of the install my assistant as well as the tenant were at the home to instruct the installer to run the cabling through the attic and down the walls. His response was “There is not enough room for me to crawl through the attic”. My assistant noted that the access to the attic had not been opened. The only way this could have been done was to run the cable through the attic. My assistant also overheard the installer tell Kendra Young, one of the tenants that he would “run the cable down the wall in the living room. He shook his head and proceeded to drilled holes in my walls and run the cabling along the outside of my building. My assistant also instructed the installer to install a drop loop on the outside of the building since the installer had actually already drilled a hole though the exterior wall. The installer said he would but no drip loop was added. The absence of a drip loop increases the risk of water seeping into the walls from the outside. Furthermore, he ran a cable from the outside around an entire room and then through another wall to get the cable into the living room. The installer left the premises without leaving a card or paperwork. I think he knew we weren’t happy.

My assistant then proceeded to call customer service where he was cut off, put on hold and given every reason why he could not speak to a supervisor. In total, he was on the phone 2 ½ hours before he actually was “allowed” to speak with a supervisor. Then they offered to do NOTHING to address the problem.

Comcast is now banned from all of my rental properties. PERIOD.

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