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Comcast / customer service and prices

1 Knoxville, TN, United States

This is the worst company!! I was lied to by a customer service representative and charged over 200 dollars (2mths) for BASIC cable and internet service.

It all started when I got Comcast. After getting online and it being so slow I called Comcast and told them I had a NEW computer and being online was awfully slow. In addition, I am being charged 50 for high speed internet, so the agent stated "we are sorry, I will lower your rate, etc etc etc...I said ok if you do that PLEASE do NOT lower my speed. Rep states oh no never would I do that, boy that would be slow, etc etc etc...

well I get online the next day and its freezing and sooooo finally dawns on me that the REP lied and lowered my speed. I call Comcast and sure enough he did. I was outraged! I told them he lied to me and now it was like I had dial up. The new Rep apoligized and said a supervisor will get back to you after she checks out the conversation with the REp (its recorded)

No one ever gets back to me. I HAVE to call Comcast AGAIN and ask whats going on...the new REP says oh she raised your speed back. I was dealing with lots of personal issues and truly had NO TIME to deal with COMCAST, so I said okay and let it go...

My internet it still very slow, and comcast raised my price to over 100 a month for basic service and never fixed my internet problem.

BUT AGAIN I called and asked why they changed the rate when I was told they wouldnt...they were again clueless as to what took place. I just couldnt explain or deal with them so I told them I am DONE. The rep did nothing to rectify the situation they just said sorry.

If at all possible go with another company!! The new company is offering I pay 55 for both basic and internet high speed and once promotion is over it will go to 74. COMCAST never did a thing only created more problems for me! More money and slow internet I paid WAY TOO MUCH and now they want 200 for the last month of service!


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