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It is obvious that comcast uses their companies monopily to play dirty, they do this because they feel they have the upper hand when in fact, they do not.. You do not need the courts to step in when you have the web (the world at your finger tips). With so many people having the same problem it would be very easy to flip the script. They have put greed before their customers, so in my opinion it would only make sense to speak in numbers.. You may not be able to bring such a large company down but you could deffinatly hurt their pockets by doing the following things..

> Post your story on Facebook, youtube, twitter, all of the social media places and I’m sure others will gladly join you. Comcast has their own Facebook page “xfinity” (give them the thumbs down) dislike their page..

> Word of mouth, people you personally know or work with, tell them how horrible their company is and what stress they have put you through to discourage them from ever going through the same problem.

> Call their sales department and have needless. pointless conversations with their employees there LOL! Just by tying them up from making other sales hurts their company. Call them like you are a brand new customer, make them jump through hoops to win over your service and then hang-up “drop the call” like they do to you countless times..

> Make their shareholder aware of how they are treating their customers so they know how unstable their investment is becoming more and more everyday… Yahoo message board would be the best place to post and make noise.. Just type into google, CMCSA yahoo message board. That will take you directly to thier shareholders.. If enough people do that it will make their stock go down, coasting them a lot of money and hopefully get their attention. Speaking in numbers is truly how you get this done.

Two million people joined a lawsuit against comcast (that got them no where) so just imagine if those same 2 million people did the above stated… The results would be devisating, and thats how you get your point across.

Do not think that you alone can not make a difference, because the best part about doing this on the internet is that one post alone makes a world of customers aware when they are researching this company because they are considering choosing them as a provider.. Its just the keywords you use in your post will leave footprints you have marched all over this company..

Dec 15, 2014
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      Dec 31, 2014

    Comcast thinks they are too big to be rein in and they can make any fraudulent billing charges or additions it wants to make up and worst comes to worst they just shrug and say sorry it was a mistake, but collect from the millions of naive or confused elder by doing so. I agree we have many methods in which consumers have to protect us when our Gov't fails to because they are in the pockets of the Corporation (as one Governor admitted).
    1) go to the FCC and fill out the fraudulent billing form
    2) go to the Congress/Gov/Senate and complain about the Monopoly becoming to big to oversee itself and do so by showing all the online complaints URLS Links etc. Remind them what they did to Microsoft when Microsoft was not abusing or making fraudulent and illegal acts against it's customers like Comcast is. Suggest breaking up the corporation.
    3) Comcast sets up standards that they themselves have to then abide by otherwise admit they are wrong, therefore one can bill the Billing dept or executives homes with charges for one's time during self installed and breaking down of equipment at the same amount they charge customers when those installs were done due to falsified claims of the service or equipment or done due to service terminations that are a breech of contract by the Company and not the customer. Charges can be levied for late fees and time spent every chat and phone call to fix their errors due to their fraudulent practices. Since they charged a few customers a $1, 000 for early termination then they can be charged $1, 000 for terminating people who paid their bill that was legally owed .
    When they don't pay the bill nor the late fees it can pile up from many customers till a lien can be placed on the executive houses by the many customers until those customers own the Comcast Executives personal houses. Then and maybe then they will wake up and do something about their employees abusing their customers with spiteful and vengeful charges and scams.

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  • Wa
      Apr 08, 2015

    Comcast has been charging me ten dollars per month for a substandard modem. Now after ten years of charging me for a low quality router totaling 1200 dollars rent on a unit worth less than one hundred dollars they will bring a new one.

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