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Comcast Cable / billing

1 Taylor, MI, United States Review updated:

You would think that in these tough economic times that Comcast Cable would be sensative to their customers, this is not the case. First of all, I was billed an outlandage rate for basic cable. I did not receive my bill, I paid a portion of the bill and was disconnected without a phone call or statement. I called customer service and was told that Comcast does not work out any payment arrangements. I went into the office for a copy of the ost bill and noticed that I was charged 2.00 for speaking with a representative. I was also told that if I paid using a credit card or check over the telephone I would be charged an additional $4.00. I was told by the customer service clerk to use their website. Which is a complete joke!.

After 15 years as a loyal Comcast customer I will be paying the balance due and returning all of their equipment! furthermore, I am telling everyone DO NOT deal with this company! i will be using another cable provider. I am certainly glad that I do not have internet or phone service with Comcast!

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  • Ra
      7th of May, 2009
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    we had called the cable company after having the service for one month. We asked that they turn the service off because we wasnt getting what they said that we would get in the package. They told us that we would have to return the cable box before they turn off the services. We told them that we had a disability that we couldnt bring the box in to them. We get a bill for a little over four hundred dollars. Called the cable company after they turned off the home phone and found out that they never turned off the services of the cable and that they cant find when we called in to cancle the services. They can only see when we called in on the 04/03/2009 about the billing and how they sent someone out the next day to get the box. After they turned off the phone we called them and told them how we was lied to about the services we would get and how if anything go wrong, cause we had to cancel the service before because we never got the 200 dollars rebate plus none of the channels, so we knew that this company can make mistake and thats when we asked the guy if the service dont be right with the cable we will cancle the cable but keep the phone cause we had the phone for almost a year.

  • Ir
      19th of Aug, 2009
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    While I understand the need for a little help now and then (afterall I did just get off the phone with comcast where they were happy to make a payment arrangement with me) I do not agree that the company should go out of their way to keep you informed of your own failure to contact them or keep track of your billing. You should know when your bills are due already and if you don't get a bill you should call customer service right away, not just sit and wait like an idiot till they turn off your services. A myriad of things could have caused your bill to not reach your doorstep, but just because the bill didn't arrive doesn't mean you didn't continue to utilize the service knowing there would be a bill due. Companies like Comcast and other large service providers charge a fee to take payment over the phone because they want you to use the self service options they provide. Keeping thousands of agents on the phone just to take payments is expensive, whereas an automated phone system or a website takes a fraction of people as technicians and IT support personnel. Why would a company make a payment arrangement for someone who didn't call Before their service was disconnected, it makes no sense. Next time try calling when you know you are going to be late, don't wait till they've cut you off.

    I work for a major wireless telephone company and we hear the same complaints everyday, but the bottom line is that YOU are the only one responsible for tracking your billing and payments. If you don't proactively help yourself, why do you expect someone you owe money too to fix the problem for you? Take responsibility for your own debts and deadlines.

  • Mw
      29th of Aug, 2010
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    Incident = The nightmare started in March of this year 2010. I couldn't watch cable tv and here I am paying for it. I wasn't getting any picture except colored lines. In April a technician came out and we were told that there was no reception coming into the lines. Before the technician came out I had called comcast several times in March and they had me resetting my cable box, they reset it from their end. When they set an appointment they told me that there would be NO charge for the service and they were going to adjust my bill. This is actually when the nightmare started I recieved my bill and I was being charged with the technician service and my service had never been adjusted. I called comcast
    and they quickly apologized and said that they would fix the bill and I would see it on the next statement. The next statement came and yes, the technicians service was credited but the service had not been adjusted, I called comcast again and again they apologized and said I would see the adjustments on the next bill NEVER HAPPENED. I went down to the Comcast payment center with my statement and I was told after about 1/2 hour that this is what they will do for me. The CSR put the dollar amount on the bottom which was I think 37. and I went to pay it that Friday. Never looking at the reciept because I thought this lady was really trying to help me and be honest. That night when I got home my wife was looking at the reciept and she blew her lid. This reciept reflected the bill that we had recieved when the technician came out. So, according to this bill we owed 329. Called comcast and the told oh, don't worry about it. If the statement is printed out before you make
    a payment it won't show up on the statement. We have resorted to going directly to the payment center but sad to say not all the information is making it into the system. What they tell me in person doesn't even get noted in the computer. Last month I was told if I paid 63. on Friday I would be all caught up and would not owe anything until Sept. I get the bill and it states I owe over 200.
    Damage Resulting = I believe that comcast never intended on adjusting my rate or not charging me for a technician coming out. I believe that they are adding on the fees as I pay my bill. If that makes any sense.

  • Re
      13th of Sep, 2015
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    Did you file a complaint with the FCC or the Department of Consumer Affairs in your state. If not, why allow the company to get away with their fraud and tactics. Please remember you do have the option of writing to your state and local representatives. You voted them in office for a reason; have them do their job! As for the economy, the CEO of Comcast - Brian L. Roberts, is making a ton of money off of the crappy service he's selling the lower class people. Wise up and take action! Do you really need cable? Spend better time with your family and stop allowing Comcast (Brian L. Roberts) tell you the type of entertainment you need. Take the company down and make Brian homeless.

  • Gr
      3rd of Jun, 2016
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    Comcast Cable - Will not repair their equipment
    Comcast Cable
    United States

    I have not been a Comcast customer for several years, however, some of my neighbors are. There is a Comcast cable box attached to the side of my townhouse. On Tuesday, 2/1/11, strong winds blew the lid off the box and the lid is dangling from the cable box with a cable wire holding it up, posing a danger to anyone passing by. It is also banging loudly against the side of the building. I have pictures.

    On Saturday, 2/5/11, a Comcast technician was in the area. I asked him if he could put the lid back on and he just got in his truck and drove off. On Monday, 2/7/11, I called Comcast, explained the problem and requested they send someone out ASAP because of the possible danger. I was told a tech would be out on Wednesday. Late Wednesday afternoon I called Comcast to get a status of the technician. I was told a technician would not be out until 2/16/11. I asked to speak to a manager. After waiting on the phone for more than 20 minutes, I was told a manager would call me back. Today is Thursday, 2/10/11m 6:40 p.m. I have not received a call back.

    This is a dangerous situation and someone from Comcast needs to take responsibility for their equipment asap.

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