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Comcast / cable jerks!

1 United States

I placed a service call in 4-2005 for poor Internet connectivity, and poor cable signal. Comcast contractor determined that the underground cable was defective and that it needed replaced. After 1.5 years and multiple attempts to get Comcast to fix the problem, I give up. I am an idiot for letting them keep me on the hook. I will be going to DirectTV and Verizon DSL. I am giving up Internet speed for reliability. Comcast should be paying me at this point. It is now 7-2006, and no one has responded after my most recent attempts to get this fixed. Just incredible. Comcast is a monopoly. Don't think otherwise. The Govt. made AT&T break up because they were a monopoly. Comcast needs to get their act together. Just because Oil is expensive doesn't mean that Comcast can keep raising their rates whenever they feel like it. Please make sure you understand the difference between Cable systems and Satellite systems. You will see that Satellite is more reliable than Cable. A few minutes of off air is nothing compared to hours and days of down time due to area power failures. And for you idiots that think IP phones are the way to go………..think again. When the power goes out, does your IP Internet phone still work? It does not. But pick up a regular phone and there will be dial tone when the local power is gone. What does that tell you? These are the reasons why I am going back to Satellite for TV, and over to DSL for Internet. Reliability. I will take Reliability over speed any day.

Company details:
Downingtown, PA. area. Suburban Philadelphia……………..Home of Comcast, the cable jerks.

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