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Comcast / loss of internet signal!

1 United States

Approximately 6 weeks ago, I began to have problems with Comcast's high speed internet and still do to this day. I completely lose the internet signal at random times a day, several times a day. Sometimes, I get service back within a few minutes, but most of the time, the only way to get back online is to completely turn off the computer, unplug everything, wait a few minutes and reboot.

I called Comcast and made an appointment to get it fixed. Well, the day of my first appointment, no one showed. I called and was told that Comcast was able to fix the problem and thus they canceled. Of course no one called to me to let me know they were canceling and no, my problem was not fixed. This scenario occurred THREE times. Finally, a tech came out and told me that my modem probably has a short, but that the modems on his truck are in worse condition than what I already have so he wouldn't swap them out. He recommended that I sign up for the phone service because then Comcast will give me a new modem. He then left, and I still had the same problem. I immediately called and made another appointment and emphasized that they will need to bring a functioning modem with them. The guy comes, checks everything, says he has no idea why I am losing a signal, and that sorry, he does not have a modem with him. I call and make another appointment. This guy comes out, and changes an ethernet cord and tells me that it is all fixed. Ten minutes after he leaves, my internet goes down again. I called again and was told that if I get the phone service my problem will be fixed. I really, really want my internet back so stupid me, I sign up for it. First installation appointment comes and no show. I make another appointment, and this guy comes out and says that since the work order is wrong, they cant port my number and that I will have to make another appointment to get it installed. I make a third appointment (I really want my internet back). The guy comes and the work order is wrong again. He calls for help and sits on the phone for ~ an hour trying to correct the work order. Finally I am so frustrated, I tell him that I don't want the phone service any longer. I figured they would just have to fix my internet without forcing me to sign up for the phone service. A week later, I get my bill, and you got it, I was charged for phone installation and a month of phone service. Calling to get my bill corrected was a nightmare. The first person I talked to insisted that I give him the serial number off the phone modem that was NEVER installed. I guess he got mad that I wouldn't give him the number off the invisible modem because he hung up on me. Finally after 4 hours on the phone my bill was corrected (at least that was what I was told...we shall see)

As for the internet, I was still having trouble so I called for help again. This time the guy told me that I had to go to a comcast store and pick up my own modem. Did so, but of course the store didn't have any available. They told me to sign up for the phone service if I wanted a new modem. I called customer service again. This tech told me the only way I was going to get the internet problem fixed was to 1) get the phone service and thus a new modem, 2) buy my own modem but then Comcast wont service my house (but they don't anyways), or 3) go to a comcast store and pick up one there. Was he not listening?? Cid he not read my notes?? What a joke!!

Needless to say, I still am losing the internet signal. However, the problem seems to be escalating. It is really annoying to have to power cycle many times a day and I am sick of spending HOURS and HOURS on the phone with inept technicians who really do not care. I HATE COMCAST!!!

Of course like most areas, Comcast is the only provider of high speed internet in my town. Customer service really is not important when you have a monopoly!

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