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Comcast / fraud and cheating

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I am so sick of Comcast I could throw up. A couple of weeks ago my phone was acting up so they sent me out a tech, he did not fix my problem so I had to call them back. The next day they sent another tech out, and the problem was on the outside of my house, he fixed it. Then I got a bill for $35.00 for that first tech that didn't fix anything. I called customer service and she told me it was a legitimate charge because that first tech worked inside my house, I tried to explain to her that he didn't fix anything, and asked her if she could see on her screen that I had to have another tech sent the next day, she said "yes, but it is still a legitimate charge". She would not listen to anything I had to say. I then asked for her supervisor, she told me that it wouldn't do any good, that it was legitimate, after begging for a good 10 minutes she finally transfers me, telling me the wait time was going to be extremely long, whatever I have time. It wasn't long at all because I opted for their call back service. When the supervisor called he totally agreed with me and reversed the charges. I just can't understand what is up with those people and trust me this was not the first or last experience that I have had with Comcast. They need to clean up their act, and all get on the same page... it really doesn't matter who you talk to they all say something different.

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  • Va
      19th of Sep, 2008
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    I have been getting the run around from this horrible company since April 2008! I moved into my apartment then, and technician came to hook up new boxes. He tested all the outlets and told me there was no signal and the incoming wire must be cut, and all i needed to do was schedule another appointment to have them come fix the wire. I called to schedule and the lady on the phone told me that my apartment complex would have to schedule the wiring because they owned the building. I went to my manager and he told me that what they have done with other tenants is give them a letter with permission for Comcast to do wiring. So once I had the letter I called and scheduled my appointment to get the wiring done, appointment was set for today, from 8-11am. Of course I had to *** 4 hours from work to be home to be there for the technician. My phone rings at 11:15am (15 minutes AFTER scheduled appointment) and the man on the phone tells me that technician was mis-informed and that Comcast does not do wiring in apartments, ever. period. So why did apartment complex tell me Comcast had done wiring for other apartments? Who is yanking my chain? When I brought up the fact that I had to miss work WITHOUT PAY for the appointment, all he could do was say he was sorry. I am so sick and tired of getting my chain yanked and my money stolen from these people. SICK OF IT!! I think the BBB should put them out of business.

  • Em
      25th of Feb, 2009
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    I have been getting comcast cable and internet for the past 3 years. Its the only cable company in my area, and I can't get a dish because I'm in an apartment. I also don't want internet from the phone company because I don't have a land line. So I don't have a lot of options.

    Every so often, my monthly bill will mysteriously increase. I call the company and they tell me its because I had a promotional rate and the time period for the promotion is over. I believed this THE FIRST TIME. But this has happened THREE TIMES. When I told them that I used to have a promotional rate and they already increased my rate, they just say the same thing back to me. They don't have an answer. So their explanation is what? I had a promotional rate, the increased my rate but it was STILL A PROMOTIONAL RATE and then that promotion ran out so my rate increased AGAIN! That doesn't make any sense.

    Another thing is, I asked two different customer service representatives at two separate times if I had the MOST BASIC cable and the SLOWEST internet, because I just wanted the most basic of both so I could keep my bill down. They told me YES both times, that I do have the slowest internet and most basic cable.

    So I leave it the way it is. But with the rate increases, I finally decide to CANCEL my internet service. This increases my internet rate by 25 dollars a month, which I think is ridiculous but its worth it in order to lower my overall bill.

    ONLY WHEN I SAY I'M GOING TO CANCEL DO THEY TELL ME THE TRUTH. Apparently, I didn't have the slowest internet OR the most basic cable. I can go down a notch on both of these. So that's what I did. I have a reasonable rate right now, that they claim is not a promotional rate, but I didn't think that ever so often, my rates would be increasing due my 'promotional rate' running out. That's the kind of thing that should only happen ONCE, if ever.

  • Gi
      25th of Feb, 2009
    0 Votes

    Comcast is the worst. I am always fighting with them about my bill and I always have service interruption. You MUST stay on top of your bill or they will over charge you and then say it was a promo rate. This is criminal behavior!!!

  • Pa
      12th of May, 2009
    0 Votes

    Yes you are so right nobody at there office can tell you the same thing.They have the worst customer service that I have ever seen. With the most excuses to go with it and still expect you to pay for crappy service. They are laughing all the way to the bank on our money.

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