Coles World Squarepoor customer service

Very poor customer service. A woman called Yanti at World Square Coles SYDNEY. She did not know her product, ie mangoes were being on sale as they were about to go bust, so really everyone's trying to get them out. Coles had a sign that it was $9.00. Firstly, she tried to charge $45. Then when you point the sign out (why does she not know of its discount, and why did management not brief their staff?) There were somewhat 6 tall (150cm high) crates of mangoes about to go bust. Clearly, uneducated on store's supply, and store's product. Ok, so let's excuse that and park that due to bad management not informing their staff. Secondly, no greeting, made, no "please" and definitely no "thank you". She was unhappy to be there, unhappy to serve and she made it loud and clear that you are just a person she did not want to serve. She did not want that job. Self check out is the way to go. It is more efficient and you do not have to put up with attitude. But I thought I would give it a go, as it has been a year or so since I used people check outs! Best that Coles make them all redundant. The machine service trumps them any day, any time.

Dec 15, 2014

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