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coles donvale's poor customer service and wrong practices of working with cleaning subcontractor

I worked a day as a commercial cleaner at Coles Donvale, Victoria From Jun 13 through Jun 14 from 11 pm(night)-7 am(early morning.)

The cleaning subcontractor did not hand me cash of $167.68
(20.96/h(night shift)*8 hours.) Please let him immediately pay me the money to my accounts.

I kept calling the naturalized Australian guy that hired me yesterday, he was bald and wearing glass Korean speaking Australian. I will provide his phone number upon request.

I messaged him to pay me in cash to my bank account, and he does not pay me or message me, or answer my call, of whateversort.

Further on he was cooking the records. For three months just one cleaner was hired and he has worked for the last three months in a row without even having a day off, and without a substitue cleaner.

Also, they were making him check in as if two cleaners are working there, when in reality one person was working there. He was checking out as if one person finishing work at 3 am, and the other at 7 pm.

So I called Coles Donvale through the telephone number of [protected], and the staff named Ken Khew there was showing his temper to me, keep repeating that I need to only contact David, the subcontractor, and repeatedly said "Coles Donvale has nothing to do with it."

I recorded and captured lots of evidences that I can submit to the related department of the State of Victoria. I want this to be resolved peacefully.

I was a cleaner yesterday, but I'm also a customer who's entitled to have good customer service.

This is not a pleasant topic to talk on the phone, but he should have talked calm and nice, and his phone manner was absolutely inappropriate as a customer representive working as an employee.

I requested the staff to let me talk to Coles Donvale Administration office. And he was again showing temper and repeating that "Coles Donvale has nothing to do with it. and he only provided me the cleaning subcontractor's first name, David, whose name I never heard of, and didn't give me his phone number.

Coles Donvale was apparently aware that the subcontractor was cooking the book. Everyone working at night shift there was aware of that fact.

Having Only one guy clean the whole Coles Donvale which is way big big supermarket for three months already without even a day's off. I have plenty of evidences with regard to this.Cooking the records are really ugly business.That needs correction immediately.

I also heard the cleaning subcontractor maintain contracts with a few Coles in his area. Please contact me ASAP. This is really ugly Business and poor customer service.

I want this problem to be resolved immediately.


My son works for Coles and has been an employee for over 3 years. He recently purchased us a gold class gift...

4 comments Brisbane Metro Area Employees

Resolved bottle top burst apart

We are NOT happy with the recent purchase of Coles Natural Spring water packaging!!! I went to grab it out of...

Melbourne Food

Resolved lazy store and rude manager

This Lazy Sotre never open on time in morning of Saturday and Sunday. Costumer have to wait more than 5...

2 comments Melbourne Food

Resolved discrimination for international customers

I did my shopping with my mother in law on 16 feb, 2011. At the counter, the cashier asked me : "are you a international student?" I felt weird but for politeness I said yes I am. Indeed i am a Chinese. But then she asked "do you speak English?" I felt very much insulted by this question. Can't a Chinese looking person speak English? Is that a polite question to ask? It's like asking a middle-aged looking person"so you are suffering middle age crisis?" what the hell was that!!! No matter how the woman whose name was Winner should watch her mouth. It is not her business to ask my occupation. And it is so bloody rude to doubt my language competence by my look.

  • Sh
    Shannon35 Feb 16, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    That cashier was rude beyond belief and asking a totally inappropriate question as that is very bad manners. Poster, some folks just were not brought up properly to mind their own business and chalk it up to bad raising and leave it at that.

    -1 Votes

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Resolved fired for failing to be assigned shifts

Worked at Coles Brunswick (formerly Bi-Lo) for years. Moved to Bundoora and requested and received a transfer to Coles Kingsbury at 850 Plenty Road. Despite requesting shifts, calling up and asking to speak with the manager, and good old fashioned patience, I was given no shifts for ten weeks, before receiving a letter in the mail informing me I had been fired from Coles for not working any shifts in ten weeks.

  • Ka
    kanye31 Nov 06, 2011

    You get a fuel voucher per transaction OVER 30 dollars not for every 30 dollars you spend.. don't be greedy.

    0 Votes

Resolved people

i work at coles cowes in the last three day i have had compiaiants about me .it is the xmas time and the people are tired and sun burn.but still do the right thingbut there say i, am rude but the boss wont tell me please help

  • Vi
    Visiting Scholar Feb 14, 2011

    I am Visiting Scholar from Pakistan at PBI, Uni.of Sydney. I live in Nepean lodges, Camden
    I went to coles, Camden and wanted a vodafone, the sales women gave me a form, i have filled it but they refused to give the vodafone with out my identity . Next day i went again with my Uni.ID and Passport
    but again refused to sell the vadafone . Their sales women are rude and with harsh behaviour. Now i will never go to coles even a single product shoping . My first prefence for shoping will be the Woolworth.

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Resolved very poor customer service

I have been living West Leederville area (WA) before Coles established here and I am getting poorest customer...

Resolved rude service

I was served by Angel -340 who would not even scan my items, until I emptied my basket, which had about 5...

Kawana Contractors

Resolved discrimination

I had made a customer complaint around mondyay - tuesday 20th july. I had been served by a girl called amanda who is now resigned and went on a holiday or moved to new yourk. The problem was I bought my goods and amanda would be scanning the items but thier was always a dead silence from here when being served, this was ongoing, I payed my eftpos card. Amanda never ever said a word, expressing he body lanugage that she just didnt care not even telling me how much the goods were instead all I could do was see it on the screen. What got me was amanda has done this quiete a few times while being served now and its just not customer service and not acceptable for coles to allow such behaviour in a customer service environment. I am told that amanda was 2nd in charge but was steped down by her role because this is what she lacked most "the abulity to communicate". Amanda only got exited when her girlfreind came to greet her while working, but just looking like she didnt even care about the customer. I finaly raised to amanda of how I felt about her customer service "you just seem like you donnt care" "don't you have social skills to be able to do this job and greet customers" "you do this behaviour all the time, its cold its blunt and no communication what so ever" I told her I was going to tell one of her managers and explain I don't know why you are working here, you don't know customer service and you don't care, you represent coles as a bad place to by food".
Amanda argued and yelled"why don't you just shop somewhere else shop at safeway".

The next day I went in explaining how I felt to a female manager during around 12:00 lunch time and instead of myself writing the report, this female manager had done it for me and explaining that amanda is leaving and she possibly may not get her job back because of her behaviour with cutomers and staff, relating to the same manners ect.

So I felt great filing the formal complain and just wanted to make coles a better place to shop. I had been shoping regularly everday after and before I had passed after the gym.

I avoided amanda as much as possible because seing her at the store she started giving me fake smiles like she was a lucky employee who acted like she could tread and do what ever she wanted. Amanada had a a plan and I just did my thing.

And obiously she did have a plan I came back to coles on sunday 25 th july around 3:30 - 400 as I walked in I had bought a can of v drink and some healthy fruit and sudenely its like it has been planed. Amada had discussed me with one of her friends"dan"from work at coles fitzroy I was paying on the computer machines in front of everyone who was watching having a coles employee swearing and insulting a customer such as myself using the words" I don't like you making a customer complaint on my freind, you know I have actually seen you around and as a matter of fact I don't like you, I want to you # off and don't shop here again, I explained yelling as much as himself I said "I cant beleive you talking like this to me as a customer" dan says yaeh "# off and don't shopp here again, you a #ing waker mate" I said are you being racist I don't even know you and have never met you before, I explained this because most of the people at customer service are of white australian background and myself english and part japanese.

Dan insults me by saying "just because you go to the gym you think you can walk around here and treat everyone like #, and I don't like you telling people that you some kind of manager on the floor"

I was not able to express that situation because one night a young guy who apparently worked thier without his uniform on was kicking food and eating it in the store with his mates in the shop and throwing it around in the place so I acted and said "hay im' the manager in this store have you paid for that" just trying to make them stop what they were doing"the young boy replied and said in a sarcastic manner" ohhh I work here mate"I replied work here, and your kicking food around and eating it while with your mates. I replied" well just make sure you pay for it as much a everyone else"that how the story for this situation reveals he must have told me onto the boss instead of his wrong doing of what he had done.

So back tot he sunday 25 july story, dan this guy was having a go at me and I was looking around at the customers and they were in shock not getting involved I had a customer service guy richard who I really got a long with and use to seing him everyday in the store we
Would have a chat here and thier. He was right next to me and I explained if he could tell his manager what had happened. I was in total shock with what he said back" I don't want to get involved ethan, I didn't see anyting". That was the worst that made me so sad to think this is what people are like at coles, I even had teh other girl who I speak to regulary that saw it and she said the same" I didn't see anytihng".
I was shocked out of my brain, I was told to leave by dan like I had commited a crime, I was a customer, a regular who did not do anything appart from making a customer complaint and this is what I got back. Verbal abuse and to degrade me like I was nothing.

I tried waiting for the manager"shane"we got along really well and I had once explained in our time I saw a guy steeling around $250 worth of meat and he acted and said thanks for that" but on that day he changed and was more intrested in what dan had to say and amanada about me rather than hearing my story, he just told me to leave and not to come back and shop here at coles fizroy again, I walked out and one customr who saw it said you cant beat them, they work etra hours and get paid low thier over worked.

To my conclusion of this hole situation I just hope and wish someone of any race doesnt have to go through what I have expereinced. A total block out to customer service, the fact that coles staff do not care...
Its not about the customer at coles its about the staff.

Ethan: [protected]

Resolved meat/fruit/veg products

Coles Baldivis is my local store and I have shopped there since 2008.

After several years of loyalty and a desire to see Coles Baldivis be successfull - I will now shop at Woolworths.

At Coles Baldivis - the availability and quality of their meat products is second rate. One of their employees actually agreed with me that the availability of meat had dramatically declined since a new manager took charge. I was dissapointed everytime I purchased a pork product (leg/rolled) from Coles (i.e. absolutely disgustingly tasteless). Not even the dog would eat it! I have resided in Vic, NSW and ACT and the quality of the vegetables at Coles Baldivis is the worst I have ever seen. When I advised the store manager that the meat section availability had declined over the past few weeks - he treated me with contempt. Never ever again will I provide feedback to Coles or buy any of their products. I only wish that Woolworths were located in Baldivis, WA. I used to shop at Woolworths Gunghalin ACT - and it was brilliant!

  • Pi
    Pierro Feb 19, 2014
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Unfortunately, there will always be the odd manager that shouldn't have that position. We've all seen them, and I wonder how it is that they are able to get the position in the first place. I personally do shop a lot at Coles (Tamworth) and really have no problem with the service or the quality of their products.

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  • Do
    Dobrila Sep 11, 2014
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Fully agree with you. Any meat, not just tasteless but rotten and smelly. Returned it so many times. Poor meat quality all together in Coles Baldivis.

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Tax return

I have moved interstate and rang coles buselton about send tax return to new address apart from not takeing...

not paying wages

Hi, I having problem with my wages.
They assign me lots of work agains coles supermarket rules and talking slang on international people.They are not paying for the work ( what we have done the hours)
Example: Paying 11 hours out of 19 hours per week.
Cloes supermarket
Floreat shopping center
WA (australia).

Thank you

  • Be
    BennoOz Jun 18, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Mate you need to raise this with a union.

    0 Votes

Resolved overcharged again

19-5-10 To; coles hornsby westfield unit attention store manager-... From mark adelman-customer 33 balmoral...

Resolved employee abusing customer

The checkout chick named lila, abuses and picks particular people she wants to bully and abuse.. specially the ones that look like indians
today she asked to check my bag, ... which is fine... everyone does.. she asked for the receipt for the things in my bag which is fine, .. but even when i showed her the reciept she asked her collegues to go and check the shelves for the same product.. and for fact coles didnt even sell that same product..
what i say is know your products and what you sell in your store before you go harassing and bullying other people.
Her name is Lila and she is a disgrace to coles guildford..
i am never buying from coles again and i will tell all my family as well.

Resolved alleged theft

My partner was issued a $300 fine after the following chain of events: 1. Partner purchased a bag of fruit...

1 comment Sydney Food

Resolved disgrace to coles

Coles is been now opened in the new Coles complex at Prospect road Prospect Adelaid
the customer service is disgusting
There been a change of management in the year been opened and to me in it self proves to me it cant even get that right, i only go shopping there late in the afternoon or staurday at closing time to grab the bargins and the short dated stock items.
the centre is a very pleasant place with the Chicken shop post Office and Chemist customer service in all these places are fantastic and feel very welcoming Please take a good look at Coles and there staff and maybe you have much happier customer to come shopping there.

  • Fl
    Floozie Manoozie Mar 31, 2010

    I shop at an Adelaide Hills Coles and the service is extreme, either really good or really bad. I've had a great check-out guy who was really friendly & helpful and today I had the rudest older checkout lady, i put 2 green bags on the counter and then she lost one or gave it to the previous customer. I asked where is my 2nd bag and she tried to argue with me I only put 1 on the checkout when i definitely put 2 then she tried to get me to buy another bag to replace it - she never said hello, thankyou just plain rude and very direct like she was patronising me. Also when you are shopping there and the staff are stacking the shelves they never move out of your way and act like you are a great inconvenience to them, they sigh and carry on making it difficult for you to shop up and down the aisles. It is my closest supermarket but i'm really tempted to go further away for better service - is there such a supermarket in the hills that offers good service ???

    0 Votes

Resolved no other choice, watered down

While shopping I noticed they no longer stock well-proven brands. Was looking for Berri tomato juice. Instead...

1 comment Sydney Food

Resolved stale groceries being sold

I did my grocery shopping on friday 5th february 2010 at the laurieton coles store. I have had to take the yoghurts back that I bought for my kids as they were out of date on the 1 february 2010. I had to throw out some meat that I bought the same day as although it wasnt out of date until the 10th february 2010 it had gone off and stank to high heaven. I have also had to tip the milk down the sink as it had gone off, due date 10 february 2010 and the bread has mould on some of the pieces. What is going on coles? This has been happening for some time now but it is just rediculous.

My 17month old son needs a liver transplant I can not take the risk of shopping at coles anymore. I am going to start shopping at woolworths. I suggest you investigate your laurieton store to find out why so much food is being sold when it is clearly not consumable.

  • Be
    Bee1973 Feb 07, 2010

    I hear what you are saying and agree with you that it it terrible but it not Coles itself its the people that work in there. I guesss that there is no one running the place that will get off their butt and do something about it.

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  • Do
    Do your own tax return! Feb 19, 2010

    umm...derrr...check the use by dates as you put things in your trolley...its not that hard folks!

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Resolved trading hours

According to Coles own web site the Armidale branch was supposed to be open between 8AM and 6PM on Boxing day...As we live more then 20 Kiliometres out of town I made sure to check with Coles web site to make sure they would be open on Boxing day... attatched is a screen shot of the coles web site which gave the trading hours for Coles Armidale,
needless to say I am not happy to have wasted time and fuel to travel into town only to find Coles was closed.

trading hours