Coles Sylvania Southgate / terrible poor customer service

I have been a customer within your store Coles Sylvania for a very long time
and have spend a lot of money over the years but i never experience this sort of customer service.
I was doing my normal shoping and purchase a Maybeline lipstic .
Went i got home and open the packet the lipstic was the wrong color in side.
I went back to the store end explain to the customer service lady what has happend with my receipt and she was very nice and told me to go and get the right one and if it is not there she will refund me the money.
I did not want the money i just wanted what i paid for.
As i went to look they did not have it it was out of stock so i return and the lady was not there it was Faith.
I told her the same think and she refuse to take it back she was rude abrupt and made me feel humiliated in fron of other customers.
She told me it is not our problem and you have open the packet
I told her yes how would i take the lipstick out?
She will not take it back and when she called the office they must have told her to refund me the money and the other lady got back and she still was not happy to give me the money.
What count of customer service is this?
By law if you buy something that is not what you have purchase and it is wrong you should refund or replace.
I was made to wait with 2 full knee replacement till she checks with every one.
Am not a little kid am 64 years old and i was made look like a thief.
Not happy at all.
Thank you

Jan 30, 2018

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