Coles Supermarkets / unethical behaviour

To whom it may concern,
I'm not expecting anything to happen but feel you should know this employee of yours is affecting your Sippy Downs, QLD store.
Today at around 1:30/2:00pm on the 6/6/18 I went to your Sippy Downs store in QLD, where as I was entering the car park I had to stop for a lady with a pram and small child. I watched her leave the crossing safely and kept my eyes on the small child as I started to move the car forward over the crossing. I then suddenly out the corner of my eye noticed a line of trollies and your 'trolly lady' had started to enter the crossing without me seeing as the trollies has been hidden behind the cars parked. I apologiesed and smiled through the window as yes this was my fault entering the crossing without seeing her pushing the trollies.

Where my problem lies is that she then proceeded to find me in the car park, approach me and start yelling at me. She confronted me saying 'is my vest not bright enough for you?!', I then appologised again and explained I was watching the kids and genuinely hadn't seen her. She started yelling at me how I thought her life meant nothing and that me getting into the shops was more important than her life, by yelling this caused a scene and other customers to look at us while she kept yelling.

I felt and still feel very uncomfortable hence writing this email. I don't like confrontation and feel this is completely unacceptable. I felt intimidated and scared. I told her I was sorry and it was a mistake that I genuinely hadn't seen her behind the cars, which she didn't seem to care about.

I am from Caloudra and shop mainly online as I have 2 small kids and will use your Stockland center Coles in Caloundra when I need something in store. I study in the area of Sippy Downs and this was only my second and last time entering this store. I understand that sometimes people have bad days but this was completely unacceptable behaviour in a customer service position.

Your employee was a middle aged to older lady with blonde hair. I unfortunately didn't take note of her name badge as I was feeling scared and just wanted to get out of there.

Thank you,

Kelly Morriss

Jun 06, 2018

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