Coles Supermarkets / telstra pre-paid 4gx wi-fi


This product is currently on offer in the Cleo's Catalogue @$29.50. I've activated a "spend $100 and get so many extra flyby points". As part of my recent shop, I factored in the purchase of the above. On reaching the check out, I was told that there was none available in the store (Diamond Creek). I pointed out that I was using the purchase to take me over the $100 mark. The cashier accepted my cash for the product and agreed to call me when it arrived in store (that was on Wednesday 11th January). I called by the store today because I hadn't heard anything only to be told that it may not in fact arrive! This means that I have paid for something which I won't get. There was talk of trying to get one from a neighbouring store.
How can you help me please.
Kind regards,
Gill Tharp

Jan 14, 2017

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