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Victoria Park, Western Australia, Australia

For the 2nd time this year team member Cecilia in the self service checkout at the victoria park coles has stood over us the entire time of our shop. When we asked if everything was ok she said yes that she could check at anytime if we were stealing. We said well we arent her responce was i belive you. Only for us to leave the store and be chased down and accused of stealing again. Which was also proven to be a false accusation!
I am a wesfarmers management team member of 9 years and the conduct of this employee was atrocious she was laughing at us when she said she believed that we were putting everything thru correctly then chases us down and embarasses us in front of the entire store.
Not happy at all and am more inclined to do my weekly shops elsewhere from now on.
Kind Regards
Rachael Caldwell

Coles Supermarkets

Apr 30, 2017

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