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The lady that collects trolleys at the Upper Coomera Coles on the cnr of Weir and Abraham Road is rude. We are a business in the same complex, we buy some products from Coles for our shop. We used one of the coles trolleys to put out the rubbish and returned it to the trolley bay, when she came into my shop and told us not to use 'HER' trolleys etc, I said hang on we buy from Coles and with that attitude maybe we should source our things elsewhere, she threw her hands in the air and said, fine don't shop at Coles and don't use my trolleys!! I had customers in my shop at the time. I said maybe she should focus on collecting the trolleys instead of abusing us about the use of 'A' trolley that we returned to the assigned trolley collection bay.
Her name is Rose

Jan 31, 2017

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