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While shopping at Coles at The Glen this morning I observed a young guy who was filling the bananas, go over to the bulk nuts, open the Liu to one of the bins worn dried fruit in it. He dove his filthy hand in, took out some fruit and ate it.
I went up to him and told him what he did was disgusting. I then went up to the service desk and asked to see the store manager. I was told by the lady there that he was not on duty today. I told her what happened, pointed the guy out to her then said I was never going to shop at Coles any more. I then went upstairs to Woolies and spent $320 on my weekly shop.
I find it disgusting that an employee would stick his filthy hands into the bulk food bin, it makes me feel sick.

Yours sincerely
Gordon Trotter

Jan 14, 2017
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  •   Jan 16, 2017

    What about all the people you didn't see do it? Would it only make you sick if you see it happen? And the amount you spent at the competition means nothing to the complaint.

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