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Today, 11 January 2017 at approximately 10.00 am, I went to the Carlingford (2118) branch of Coles to return for a refund a Dymo labeller which I couldn't get to work properly. I went to the refund counter, and the female who eventually attended to me was also operating the register closest to the entry. I told her that I wanted to exchange the article because I couldn't get it to work properly. When I hit the "print" button, the machine would just switch off. She asked whether I had put batteries in it, and I answered that I had. She then removed the battery cover and noticed that there were no batteries in it. I invited her to use Coles' batteries if she wanted to check the item. She answered that she didn't have any. She then added that, should the replacement not work, that I should return it with the batteries still in place. I told her that I wouldn't be doing that, and she responded that I wouldn't get a refund then. Since when has it become a part of consumer law that I have to supply batteries which were not part of the original purchase? And since when can a member of your staff advise me that they are not going to abide by consumer law? Throughout our conversation, I was subjected to tongue clicking by this person, as well as having her display her annoyance by the manner in which she aggressively took the packaging apart. I tried to get her name from her name tag, but couldn't see that she was wearing one. I'm sure that you can identify her from her log-in on the cash register she was operating. While there, I noticed a sign on the desk "Need a refund or exchange" which went on to detail how easy it is to get either from Coles. Not so in my case. You either need to revise your sign or this person's attitude.

Jan 10, 2017

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