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We, the parents are absolutely appalled at the chaos you've created for us and our children with your Coles Mini Collectables.
What's even more disgusting is the staff not offering them to unsuspecting customers hence taking those unclaimed toys home for themselves without spending the required $30 in order to receive just collectible.
An example, yesterday on Sunday the 5th of August while at the checkout queue I noticed that the staff member named Ujwala did not offer the Collectables to the first two customers while the customer who spent $240 only received 4 Collectables until I pointed out to her that she got ripped off and should have received double the amount of the Collectables for the amount of dollars she spent in that one transaction.
The worst Coles so far are Eastgardens, Maroubra, Roselands and Clempton Park.
I am a single mother on a fixed salary and budget so I can not afford to be running around spending unnecessary money just to fill up my daughter's album!
I have information that your staff had been selling the Coles Collectables on EBay for up to $12 a piece, something they have been getting for nothing.
I myself as well as other mothers from school are considering taking our story to the Current Affair and exposing Coles for this mess they've created as their promotional ploy.
I was very happy doing my weekly shopping at Woolworths and Aldi and will most probably will go back to doing same as I will want nothing more to do with Coles after this!
I request that you send my daughter the Sunbites, Nescafé Coffee, Lipton Tea, Potato Gems, Bolognese Sauce and Milo to complete her collection.
You are welcome to check all my Coles transactions through my Flybuys membership

Coles Supermarkets
Coles Supermarkets

Aug 05, 2018

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