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On 15/11/2018 I paid $35 for product 'Vital Strength "1 720gm'. I recall seeing on the shelf for $20 on special, and that's why I chose it as do not pay over $20 for Protein Powder as I can get it for that at 'Chemist Warehouse'. Approximately 10days or so later I approached the Customer Service Counter at the Port Adelaide, SA store to query the price. I quickly looked at the price again on the shelf and it was still $20. The woman in charge of the day shift that day heard my query that I believe the self service scanner had overcharged me. She went and made a call. Then returned to me and stated that as Coles was on a new catalogue week it was not possible to ascertain the previous week's catalogue prices/specials. I stated "is there no one in this store that can look back to the day I purchased this item for the price" and the shift team leader stated "No it was not possible". Personally I find this unacceptable. Now I am down $15 with no recourse. I may be wrong but I am confident that I am right. I retained the receipt and photocopied it as well. Because I am not satisfied with the limited reason for not looking back to the previous week's catalogue prices/specials.

Coles Supermarkets
Coles Supermarkets

Dec 26, 2018
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  • Ol
      Dec 30, 2018

    You can find old Coles catalogues online. Here is the link for the one you need I think.

    There is also Coles Our Promise on Price Scanning policy. You should actually got your product for free if you can prove it was scanned at incorrect price. Here you can see the details.

    You also can call Coles Customer Care to get your issue solved rather than going back to the store.

    I hope you can get your money back

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